Welcome, time travelers! We welcome Andy, Richard and Nick back into the TARDIS console room!

This week, we’re watching The Sarah Jane Adventures two part episodes entitled Enemy of the Bane with Samantha Bond and Nicholas Courtney in his last performance. We discuss the plot, the final performance of Nicholas Courtney, and the performances we had hoped him to have in other episodes. We talk about U.N.I.T. and various characters, including the cameos by David Tennant and Matt Smith. Richard compares the viability of other former companions making a reappearance, which leads us to contemplate the different Doctor/Companion relationship dynamic. Nick shares the story of the parting between Jon Pertwee’s Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Grant. He poses the question as to what makes a Companion and how the term is, and should be, defined.

We received a lovely voicemail from Brian (from the British Invaders podcast), sharing his thoughts on Nicholas Courtney.

Promo for the episode comes from our shiny friends over at The Signal podcast

Special thanks to Audible.com, where as a PodCulture listener, by clicking the link on our site, you can download a free audio book of your choice and enjoy two weeks free to explore the over 85,000 titles. This week Christina is happy to talk about Doctor Who: The Stone Rose, written by Jacqueline Rayner and read by David Tennant. Click the link, sign up freely, quickly and easily, and let us know which audio book you’ve chosen!

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