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The prodigal geek returns as Glenn takes back his rightful place on the studio couch! Adam introduces his brother, Jason, to this episode as well! Since Glenn’s been gone, he’s both gotten married and had a massive upgrade to his job. Congratulations on both counts! Adam has been benched from diving for a few months, after having punctured his ear drum diving in Florida. He shan’t be lacked for things to do as caving, paintballing and running will take up his time. He is still loving the beta of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Jason is thrilled to share that he and his wife are expecting a baby, and Uncle Adam is excited to bestow geekness on the next generation. He has been mainlining Fringe and is nearly caught up and Christina profess her love for Walter Bishop, comparing it to her love of X-Files. Christina hasn’t been doing much besides planning the trip north for her brother’s graduation and watching random BBC shows. Brad has been fighting the internet service powers that be, and we send out our love and prayers to Nick after the loss of his father.

In a very special Geek and Tell, Jason, who works for Sprint, shows off their newest shiny toys! The first device is America’s first dual screen device, the Android running Kyocera Echo. He shows off the multi-tasking miracle and we drool like kids in candy stores. We especially enjoy the liquid metal hinge on this Transformer of a phone. We lament the lack of playable demos of phones in stores. The second phone Jason shares with us is the Sprint Nexus S from Google. We’re not fooled by the simple candy bar shape, because the curvy little thing packs a punch. Going by the “basic is beautiful” notion, it leaves off many of the extras you would normally get, which makes the 1GHz processor fly. Jason and Brad talk about the K-9 e-mail app. Glenn is looking to downsize his phone and get a tablet, and Christina mentions the new brick-like mini-tablets. Adam used the Overdrive hotspot device on his Florida trip and had great results. We discuss battery life on various devices and expect great things from the Evo 3D. Jason gives a plug to the Everything Data 450 plan and Christina tells of her text to land line experience.

Adam shares his new Sealife Mini 2 digital camera. It’s shockproof up to 6 ft and waterproof up to 130 ft. With chunky buttons and and easy mode switching, it’s great for divers and dirt bike riders alike.

Christina sponsors Geek Cuisine this week, sharing a Godiva Truffle Caramel Apple Pie candy bar. Decadent doesn’t begin to cover this subtle apple treat.

Gratitude to The Being Human Podcast for their promo! Thanks so much to Ashley for her voice mail congratulating us on our 250th episode! We miss you, Ash!

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