Welcome back, geeks and gals! We’re very happy to have Glenn back and Jason visiting the studio!

John From Jersey from the Critical Myth Podcast calls in to the voice mail talking about the rough and tumble worlds of Spartacus, Camelot and The Borgias.

We’re around the idiot box this week! Christina starts this week, having been watching old episodes of Father Ted, loving Ardal O’Hanlon. On Netflix, she is watching The Moment of Death, as well as Craig Ferguson’s episode with Stephen Fry. Everyone is happy with Netflix on their Android phones. Jason is watching Fringe and appreciating the multi-role acting. He and his wife are looking forward to True Blood, while Christina anticipates what is in store for Eric. We are all caught up on Big Bang Theory and will be talking about Doctor Who on an upcoming show. The group of them laments the loss of Stargate Universe and raise their clenched fists at Scyfy. Speaking of Stargate, despite everyone loving Game of Thrones, Christina has a hard time seeing Jason Momoa in such a light. Other actors from other fandoms in Game of Thrones included Harry Lloyd from Doctor Who and Lena Headey from Sarah Connors. Adam was pleasantly impressed with Thor and Glenn is planning to see it soon. The end of a decade of Smallville has come and we chat about facets of the show as a whole. Glenn is thrilled Fringe has been renewed for another season, but will miss V, No Ordinary Family and The Event, leading us to speculate how old shows would fare on the new chopping blocks. Christina will sorely miss Lie To Me. Cities are portrayed like bookends of a spectrum in Hot In Cleveland and Justified. Glenn berates us all for not watching Vampire Diaries. We hope that The Cape returns in comic from. The usual suspects of Castle and Hawaii Five-O still make the cut.

Mrs. Freehold and Son of Freehold calls in with a review of The Louisville Science Center’s Star Trek exhibit.

We are sleepy geeks, and the boys have a sing in the closing. Christina feels slightly geekier having seen the first Star Wars movie for the very first time. Preparing for hate mail, she is very underwhelmed, despite liking parts. She appreciates where it fits in cinema history, but is not feeling the love. Brad brings up Christina’s question, as a kick ass captain, who is the coolest between Mal or Han? Adam’s final thought is to get outside or go see Thor. Glenn is looking forward to Priest, Captain America and Green Lantern. The gang discusses crazy things they did for movie premiers.

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By Brad

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