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Welcome to the long awaited, special Green Lantern episode of PodCulture! The Geek Corps welcomes Shane into the studio to share in this movie opening weekend show. Spoiler alert! We’re going to be discussing storylines, so if you wish to remains spoiler free, go see it and then come back!

Glenn opens the review with his vote that it was “really, really good”. Brad always sets the bar low on things like this, so he came out pleasantly surprised. Shane wasn’t let down, feeling it was faithful enough to the story while delivering great CGI. Glenn can’t see it dethroning Iron Man, but enjoyed it. Adam appreciated the Blake Lively eye candy, but the hard core Lantern geeks say she doesn’t physically fit the role of Carol. Not being steeped in Lantern lore, Adam still found it okay. He and Christina discuss the slowness of the plotline, despite its appeal to the masses. Everyone seems to agree on the fragmentation of the story, looking forward to the deleted scenes on the dvd. Shane mentions the cutting of the appearance of Jon Stewart in the film. Brad enjoyed the cameos by obscure Lanterns in the group scenes. After a false start by the theater, they all found the 3D cool. Glenn liked the glitch, being able to compare the two opening scenes. Thus far underwhelmed by 3D movies, Shane found this movie impressive. He understands the liberties taken in the story, including the central power battery being underground. After her crash course in Green Lantern with Rebirth and First Flight, Christina enjoyed it, especially as her first 3D movie. Brad and Shane went to the midnight showing and Brad found himself impressed. Brad is still not crazy about the costume, but the gang puts out their theories. The old school fans in the room still wish they would have included his white gloves. Christina eyed the steam punk power battery. The guys discuss the new hotness of Amanda Waller and Christina finds Paralax much like The Silence. In a girlie moment, she asks for a plushie Guardian. The guys discuss little in-jokes within the movie. Christina finds it cool that the Star Sapphire logo was on the side of Carol’s helmet. Glenn notices Lanterns that were mentioned in Emerald Knights. They debate on the portrayal of Tomar-Re, and Christina appreciates the intelligence of Carol. The gang compares bits to the Superman movies. Glenn and Adam mention the many ways they are promoting the film.

Brad opens the special Green Geek and Tell with the blu-ray of Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. He and Glenn tell how they entwined the six stories of Lanterns, making it feel like one cohesive story. The Browncoats in the room appreciate Nathan Fillion’s voice portrayal of Hal Jordan. Brad talks about the Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters games, both on DS and 360. While the former is less than acceptable, Brad finds the 360 version impressive for a movie tie-in. Shane regales us with his quest for the game and the suckage that was Kmart. Brad shows off the woeful instruction booklet in his as well as the cool 3D option for the game. Christina mentions the less than stellar Buffy tie-in games. Brad poses the question of what is the worst movie tie-in game out there.

In conclusion, the group discusses various nits they would pick. Adam laughs at Sinestro’s floating moustache part and Glenn can’t quite put his finger on what he would change. Shane would have done without Hector Hammond and would have picked a better villain. Christina might have done without Amanda Waller, but appreciates the backstory. Brad is convinced there was a scene missing in the film, after having seen the “post credit” scene. No matter what the big screen future of Green Lantern is, they all hope DC keeps making direct to dvd movies.

Thanks so much to Kirby Krackle for their song Ring Capacity and to Insane Ian for the song Hard Corps (Green Lantern’s Light).

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By Brad

One thought on “PodCulture 269: The Green Lantern Special”
  1. In the scene when Carol finds out who the Green Lantern is, the entire movie theatre where I was was KILLING themselves when Hal was doing the cheezy Christan Bale voice change/cheezy lines and everyone got louder when she said “I’ve seen you naked! Did you think I wouldn’t know it was you just because I couldn’t see your cheek bones?!”. The line also is a little joke at how masks seems to make superheroes unrecognizable to their loved ones & how it’s a slightly un-plausible.

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