Strap on your fezzes, Time Lords and Ladies, we are taking no prisoners in this episode of TARDIS Interruptus!

Brad and Christina welcome back Richard, Nick and Andy. Nick says a quick hello to Kevin from the message boards on, and the crew takes a look back at the first half of Series Six of Doctor Who. No holds are barred this episode and spoilers run rampant, so if you wish to remain spoiler free, you may want to come back at another time.

Christina opens, airing her grievance about the River Song identity revelation. Nick explains his complaint about the airing of the episodes on BBC America. Andy doesn’t see quite the intrusion, but they all agree that it interrupts the flow of the opening sequence. From there, it falls like a house of cards. We discuss the oversaturation of Amy, where the storyline is going, how it has built up and what we find lacking. Nick weighs episodic versus massive arc stories. We analyze whether the many ongoing plot threads serve to decorate the episodes or unravel them completely. Richard questions decisions to look for real Amy. Nick questions the things that happen off screen. Everyone seems to agree that Rory is the man to watch. Nick and Richard give a history of the sonic screwdriver and call it “the Wesley Crusher” of the show. Are we spoiled with special effects, or has real-world tech just raised our expectations. The group discusses the reboot of the universe and the plethora of questions it brings up. While we air many complaints, we make it clear that we do love Steven Moffat and Doctor Who as a show, despite it all. It is a testament to the quality of the show as a whole, that we can take these fictional characters and feel so passionately about them!

What do we need for Geek Cuisine? Twelve Jammie Dodgers and a fez! Okay, so there’s no fez. Half the group consensus says the Jammie Dodgers are not so great, but Christina, Andy and Richard agree they would be brilliant with tea.

Many thanks to the brilliant band, Chameleon Circuit, for providing both the song, “Mr. Pond” and the instrumental track, “Eleven” for this episode. Check out their new album, entitled “Still Got Legs”! Extra special thanks to As a PodCulture listener, you can click on the link above and download a free audio book, enjoying two weeks to discover the over 85,000 titles. If you do, let us know what you have chosen!

By Brad

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