Welcome back, PodCulture listeners!

We open this week with a voicemail from Bronzethumb, as he calls the PodCulture line to share his views and defends the Stephen Moffat era of Doctor Who with some great points. Thank you, Bronzethumb!

Geek and Tell starts off with a bang this week. Glenn shares his newest addition to his self-defense collection, complete with laser site. It brings us to discuss reasons for collecting firearms, including the history of some of Glenn’s favorites. From real world weapons to comic book ones, Glenn shares his ¼ scale Green Lantern Power Battery. He has also brought Brad a Green Lantern cup! Adam hasn’t been buying anything geeky, having been busy furnishing his new apartment. He is quite happy to be back in the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta. Christina doesn’t have anything to share aside from the shirt she got for her brother. She shows her old-ladyness talking about planking. Aside from the usual assortment of comics and Transformers, Brad has found a Dell Mini 10v from a Twitter user that has been Hackintoshed. Christina asks for technical advice on behalf of her brother.

Thanks to the brilliant Chameleon Circuit for their song “Still Not Ginger” from their album Still Got Legs.

Extra special thanks to Audible.com. As a PodCulture listener, you can click on the link above and download a free audio book, enjoying two weeks to discover the over 85,000 titles. If you do, let us know what you have chosen!

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