Brad, Christina, Adam, Richard and Justin are in the console room for another Tardis Interruptus!

Spoilers, Sweetie! We’re talking about the second half of series 6, up to and including The Girl Who Waited, so if you haven’t see them, you may want to pop back in time and catch them first.

Adam speaks on Let’s Kill Hitler, despite the confab of Mels in Amy’s childhood, and we console ourselves with The Big Bang Two. Justin loves it so far, but wishes the mid-season break would have been after The Almost People. He is loving the paradoxes and looks forward to seeing if there’s any significance to The Doctor’s new coat. Brad and Richard muse on the possibility of throw away lines, which leads Richard to think about the need to know you’re future. Christina shares that Night Terrors was the first episode her mom has ever seen of the show. Brad and Richard appreciate the themes of what makes family into family. They talk about The Girl Who waited in depth, including Karen Gillan’s portrayals and the Doctorness of Rory. Justin gives his favorite line of the series and Richard gives us examples of Amy’s relationship with Rory. The gang discusses what they expect for the last few episodes and what awaits for next year, as well as a Ginger Doctor.

What did you think of the series so far, and what are your hopes for the finale? Call or write and let us know!

By Brad

2 thoughts on “PodCulture 288: TARDIS Interruptus – Vol. 13”
  1. Christina, amen my sister… I am so in love with the Rory character 🙂 I like the 11th Doctor and like Amy… but I love Rory!

  2. The 11th doctor is not just good, he’s magnificent. In fact, I like all the doctors, and all the companions (however I can definitely understand your rippin on Mel from the 80s… though she’s much better in the Big Finish audio stuff… so much of the 80s Who just suffered from very poor writing… anyway I digress…)
    I agree that the emotional impact of Amy losing her baby wasn’t really addressed properly, but this show gets so much right and delivers such a high standard of coolness (from a geekish perspective) that I can live with the odd slip up. Plus that issue does come up briefly during the encounter with Madame Kovarian in the finale.

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