Welcome back to Tardis Intertuptus! The console copilots Nick, Richard, Justin and Andy join Adam, Christina and Brad in the studio!

Continuing from where in time and space we left off with our discussion on the second half of Series Six, we open with Closing Time. Adam loves Craig, played James Corden, as companion and Christina recommends Gavin and Stacy. Nick loves Gareth Roberts as a writer and everyone laughed at the Confidential. Christina objects to the one un-Doctor-ishness moment in the show. Justin and Adam have both named their nephews Stormageddon. Justin’s favorite part included The Doctor’s monologue to the baby. Nick gives a history of the Cybermats and the reappearance of Linda Barrett. He explains how he got into Who, not so many years ago, and Andy talks about his first experiences. Brad and Nick theorize about the evolution of Cybermen in our universe.

On to The Wedding Of River Song, Brad’s biggest complaint is the overt mention of the death of the Brigadier and no one anticipated Nick’s reaction to it. Half the Tardis Crew was annoyed by the hand binding ritual, while the others found it charming. Adam found it a weaker crescendo than some of the other finales. Christina enjoyed the dynamic between River and Amy at the end. The group discusses River’s plotline and what lies in store for the Doctor’s companions next year. Nick winds up the episode discussion with his feelings about the out they gave The Doctor as well as recovering after having gotten too Godlike.

The crew debates the merits of self-contained stories versus epic lengthy story arcs. Nick compares the forcing of information in Doctor Who to Star Trek Generations. Christina watches Rory and River as her character markers to follow throughout the season. Nick and Richard wish just a guy would be a companion. Justin says Rebel Flesh should have been midseason break and would have been a much more effective cliffhanger.

On the whole, everyone seems to have enjoyed the second half of the series better than the first, with only one or two notable exceptions. Justin fills us in on the plan for Christmas Day on BBC America, as well as The Nerdist Podcast.

By Brad

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