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Glenn won’t be with us this whole episode, since he has been flying crazy hours over the frozen Bluegrass State. He is glad shows are coming back from winter break, including Vampire Diaries and Fringe. Everyone anticipating the constellation of stars in The Avengers movie. Brad opens the floor for Christmas swag with the not-so-life-sized TARDIS in the living room, as well as Doctor Who Monopoly from Christina. Christina got a Zoom from Brad and Doctor Who sleep pants from Elizabeth and Adam is working out like a madman in preparation for his Tough Mudder race. When he’s not exhausted, Star Wars The Old Republic is his time has been spent. He has loved his nephew’s first Christmas and tells of his family’s holiday adventure. Christina and Brad went up to her family in Cleveland for Christmas this year, and she loved being with her siblings, despite her sister’s bad music choices. Christina gave Brad Stargate Universe on blu-ray as well as the blue koala from He gets wicked with Out of Oz from Christina. He teases us with a plotline from the Torchwood books that were the prequel to Miracle Day. His mom gave him the traditional Stephen King book this year, 11/22/63, and gives us an overview of the story. Glenn has finally picked up Arkham Asylum and is back to playing World of Warcraft. Carly gave him in-game gear for Christmas and he returned the geek love with a Moonkin. His mom gave him extra mounts for his GoPro 2. From Glenn’s dad he got a cookie tin of ammo and he gave Carly her first shotgun . Christina gave Brad Dragon Age 2, because of Eve Myles as a voice actress in the game. Christina was pleased, since they’re watching Voyager now, that Kate Mulgrew is in it as well.

Winter is the perfect time to catch up on TV and DVD. Adam opens with Sherlock. The trio discusses the characters, the relationship with Mrs. Hudson and the deer stalker hat. Brad and Christina notice comparisons to the 7th Doctor. Switching to movies, Adam has seen and enjoyed Mission Impossible. He also saw Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, and while he liked it, he found the first movie superior. That said, though, he did love the cinematography. Back to the tv series, Christina loves the way you are visually shown the texts and thought processes. Adam and Christina promise to watch Downton Abbey. The thought leads to Community, which Adam is happy to announce will be coming back. They briefly touch on the Doctor Who Christmas special and how each felt about the show. Brad mentions Alexander Armstrong (aka Mr. Smith on Sarah Jane Adventures). Brad and Christina talk about watching Star Trek Voyager, and Christina is greatly enjoying the character of Kathryn Janeway. The pair have also caught the continuation of Law and Order UK, having had a cliffhanger not turn out like they’d hoped. Castle is back, too, much to their happiness. Everyone enjoyed Terra Nova, and although it may not be their favorite show, they do hope it comes back. Brad has found the Nerf gun that the weapons are made from and looks forward to painting it to match. They debate Being Human and liked Russel Tovey in Sherlock. Everyone is saddened by the loss of Doctor Who’s confidential. Christina loves the British actor crossover.

Geeks, prepare to be Cuisined! How do you make Oreos better? Cover them in chocolate! We enjoy Limited Edition White Fudge Covered Oreos.

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By Brad

One thought on “PodCulture 305: Three and a Half Geeks – Part A”
  1. 1- Christina: I understand your points about a woman changing her hair style 😀 It’s a woman thing. Silly boys don’t understand it 😛
    2- About Supernatural (without knowing any spoilers), they’ve always said that DEATH doesn’t mean the same thing. There are plenty of characters that have died but have returned in some way. Besides Sam/Dean, this has happened with Ellen, Pamela, Ash, Rufus, Mary & John, evil Grandpappy Campbell, etc. Just cause Bobby is dead doesn’t mean he’s gone. Have faith. (Again, I don’t know any spoilers or future knowledge of episodes)
    3- Why is it that SGU isn’t on Blu-Ray for season 2?? Even for the other regions, no one has season 2 on blu-ray

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