Welcome, Geeklings! Brad, Adam and Christina open and share that Glenn won’t be with them for some of the night’s recording, but he’ll be making up for it in his segment!

The remaining 3 get their snacks ready, as they enjoy two flavors of Archer Farms Popcorn! Find out if the White Chocolate Cinnamon or the Cranberry Orange flavor is the favorite!

Glenn opens this week’s Tech Talk with his new phone, an HTC Amaze 4G from T-Mobile. He and Carly both have the new shiny in their new D30 cases. It’s his first Android phone and agrees that it doesn’t take long to get used to. He and Adam go over specs. Christina is jealous of the wi-fi calling update, and Glenn loves the 8MP camera. Brad takes a moment to talk about SOPA and his domain hosting. Adam inquires about battery life on the Amaze and Glenn has been impressed thus far. He mentions having his Marvel Comic app and Brad suggests the Comicat app.

If his new phone isn’t cool enough, Glenn has brought his Asus Transformer Prime tablet to show off! Christened with the Captain America live Wallpaper, everyone loves the sleekness of the design. Glenn tells the epic tale of hunting down his tablet and the minor disappointment of the updated release. Brad is happy with the new options with his Nook tablet. Glenn gives the example of the video power with Shadow Gun from Mad Finger Games. Brad and Christina discuss how great it would have been carrying one in school. Glenn loves how all his movies, music and apps sync up. Christina and Brad are in the market for new phones from Sprint and look forward to the new tech. Wows all around from the quartet of geeks!

Glenn gave Carly a Kindle Fire for Christmas and takes a moment to talk about her opinions and favorites. Adam mentions the Asus EeePad Memo. Christina marvels at the leaps and bounds in technology recently and the guys respond with the tech on sci-fi shows. All Adam wants is a hover board. Glenn shares that Hasbro isn’t pleased with the naming of his tablet. The camera perks on his Transformer Prime freak everyone out.

Adam has brought Zachary’s Raspberry Thin Mints for our second Geek Cuisine! Raspberry, mint and dark chocolate. How can we go wrong? Christina discusses her worries for the fate of her favorite Hostess treats.

Thanks to The Great Luke Ski for his song, Snoopy The Dogg, and to The British Invaders Podcast for their promo!

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