Welcome back to PodCulture! Glenn isn’t with us for the open, but three geeks remain!

We get right down to the sweet stuff and start off with a Geek Cuisine! Chocolate Dipped Candy Cane Peeps delight and impress everyone. Brad talks about Holiday Tic-Tacs and the napalm cinnamon and peppermint combination of flavors.

Christina is Player 1 for this Game Talk. She is addicted to Bloons TD by Ninja Kiwi on both her phone and on the PC. She’s also playing Disney’s Where’s My Water and compares the cute factor to Cut The Rope. Adam tells about the adorable Om Nom plush for his sister-in-law for Christmas. Adam is playing Star Wars The Old Republic, finally reveling in the mass release. He tells about why it’s so good, and the happiness he has at having no Gungans in the game. He goes into the various classes and characters as well as modes of play. Everyone is glad for the amazingly smooth launch and additional content pack released. Adam got the Collector’s Edition and shares the list of all the cool swag it comes with. Brad was enjoying the DC Universe Online holiday content, and shares how bad the server slam was when it went free to play. In the meantime he’s enjoying the Star Trek Online retired captain early access to the newly free-to-play game. He and Adam mention the new tweaks and upgraded graphics. Brad is playing Dragon Age 2 and loving the spazziness of Eve Myles’ character, and still prefers it to Skyrim.

Glenn returns just in time for the second Geek Cuisine! We twist Triple Double Neopolitan Oreos. There might be a fight over who gets to keep these thrice delicious cookies.

In close, Adam has been staying up late being wound up from exercise. Christina wants you to watch Stephen Fry In American if you can find it. Adam wants you to watch Sherlock if it’s too cold to get outside, or even just plan an adventure. Brad wants you to stay in, keep warm and play games!

Thanks to The Critical Myth Podcast and the Type 40 Podcast for their promos. Special thanks to Beatnik Turtle for their song, “Coffee” and Mikey Mason for his song “Me And Alan Moore’s Beard”

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By Brad

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