Welcome to PodCulture! We are Glennless again this week, but that doesn’t stop the geeking! We’re back for part B!

Christina is completely hooked on Downton Abbey and has a few choice words for the uppity historians who are taking it too seriously. She, Adam and Andy discuss Stephen Fry In America, and Mr. Fry’s unabashed reviews of certain cities. Christina is still watching and loving New Girl, but admits to fast forwarding through The Finn and Rachel Show of Glee. She admits to starting to re-watch Upstairs Downstairs on Netflix. Andy has been tutoring his son in the Universe-ity of Star Trek, and admits to watching Glee as well. The pair went to see Red Tails and thoroughly enjoyed the flight sequences, despite the weak story. His in-laws took Andy and his wife to see Chronicle. He gives a brief overview of what he calls “The Blair Witch Spiderman Project”. Christina mentions book to film translations and is looking forward to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Adam is watching Star Trek Voyager and Farscape, comparing Ben Browder and Claudia Black to their Stargate counterparts. He is caught up on Supernatural, and the gang skirts around the bad thing that happened. They theorize on characters coming back before the series finale, and contemplate yet another season. Brad and Christina take a moment for the finale of Chuck, and Christina was thrilled there was a second part to the last episode. She was proud she spotted Robert Duncan McNeill in the helicopter with Casey. The pair have started watching The River, and Christina is pretty taken with it. They’re not sure how it will last, but they’re hoping it will. Speaking of J.J. Abrams, the pair are enjoying Alcatraz with the adorable Jorge Garcia and stoic Sam Neill. Law and Order UK is still on the docket and the pair discuss the cast changes. Being Human UK is back with a fiery vengeance and its American counterpart is going a completely different direction. Christina takes a moment to discuss Dichen Lachman. Grimm may not be stellar, brilliant art, but worth watching nonetheless. The eye candy of Hawaii Five-O continues, and helps to fill in the gaps of other shows dying off for the season. From dying off to the Walking Dead, everyone is excited for it to come back. Justified continues to scare Kentuckians. Christina is quite happy to keep plugging along through Star Trek, while Brad is excited to pick up the blu-ray preview disc of Star Trek The Next Level. Adam’s brother screened it at a guys’ night, and gives it a glowing review. Brad anticipates laying down a chunk of change when the season comes out. Christina and Brad found a great sale on Amazon and got the complete Farscape and Stargate Atlantis on blu-ray. We shift to discussing Angel and the merit of the character on his own show versus Buffy. Phantom devotee that she is, Christina got the 25th Anniversary blu-ray from Brad and is loving it!

For Geek Cuisine, it melts in your mouth, not on your mic. We share Cinnamon M&Ms. Christina asks for people who remember Chris Kattan’s Goth Talk/Azrael Abyss sketches on Saturday Night Live.

Thanks to Mark Gunn’s Irish Celtic Music Podcast and The Being Human Podcast for their promos. Music this week is People of Wal-Mart by Jesse Smith.

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