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Glenn is still out this week and Andy joins the remaining PodCulture crew and Brad lets us know that Andy has his own PodCulture e-mail address now!

Geek Cuisine if chocolate covered happiness in the form of Fudge Covered Golden Oreos. The chocolate may be annoyingly melty on these fancy cookies. Andy is reminded of Girl Scout Tagalongs. Adam agrees that they would be better frozen in the Koala Fridge, but everyone loves them as they are in the meantime.

Andy loads up his Movies app on his Evo and we decide to do a rapid fire movie pre-review. Are we looking forward to seeing it, have no intention of doing so, or just scratching our heads that someone paid to make it, let alone see it? This Means War gets a thumbs up and Ghost Rider 2 gets appreciation for CGI in the first one, but nobody wants to see it. Let Bullets Fly and John Carter pique our interest. Seeking Justice and The White Queen get questionable hope. The “never” pile includes Project X and 21 Jump Street. March brings the much anticipated Hunger Games and the worrisome Wrath of the Titans. The hockey flick Goon warrants a maybe. Reviews are mixed for Three Stooges, but the Whedon-made Cabin In The Woods will see Brad there. May will bring The Avengers and the whole studio will be there, but Christina and Adam might be the only ones to see Battleship. We’re not sure about Men In Black 3. June brings Snow White And The Huntsman and Christina is thrilled to be seeing Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. We are all worried about GI Joe 2, despite the stars and it’s groans around the room for Spider Man. July is Independence Day for The Dark Night Rises and we’re all looking forward to it. The Bourne Legacy infuses new blood into the franchise while Total Recall gets a reboot. Apprehension abounds for Expendables 2 and the conclusion of the Twilight Saga. Everyone is absolutely gushing to see The Hobbit as the year of new movies draws to a close. Christina is thrilled about the Les Miserables movie musical coming at the end of the year and Brad is upset by Superman’s new costume. By no means a comprehensive list, let us know what we’ve missed and what you’re looking forward to!

In upcoming television, winter is coming and so is Game of Thrones. We theorize about the expensive storylines to come and everyone is looking forward to it. We gloss over books that have become movies and whether they should be on the big screen or the small.

In closing, Christina throws the question out for the listeners around the Valentine’s Day season as to who your favorite sci-fi couple is? Christina votes Mulder/Scully, Fred/Wesley or Bill/Laura. Brad chooses Mal and Inara, and Andy lists off a few of his favorites as well, including Delen and Sheridan and The Doctor and The TARDIS. Adam is going to see Michio Kaku speak in Louisville, sponsored by The Kentucky Author’s Forum. He also talks about the podcast by Neil Degrasse Tyson called Star Talk. Andy wants us to read something good, while he himself is on a speculative history kick. Brad suggests the new Stephen King book 11/22/63 for him. Brad says to listen to a good soundtrack, and they discuss Soul Calibur 5’s, and Andy is enjoying the music in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Thanks to The British Invaders Podcast for their promo! Our music this week includes Moneyshot Cosmonaut with “If I Could Be Weird Al” and Robert Lund with “Here I Am With President Romney”.

Extra special thanks to Audible.com. As a PodCulture listener, you can click the link on our site, and now get 30 days to explore the over 100,000 titles and choose one to download for free! With genres for everyone and apps for every phone, you can be listening in no time! So click, download, listen and then tell us what you’ve chosen!

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One thought on “PodCulture 312: Evil Giggles – Part C”
  1. After watching smallville for ten years i will have to say clark and lana. I think kristin kreuk gets unnecessary hate for the writing of her character which is sad. I think shes a great actress that fans can get behind.

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