Glenn is back but we have lost an Adam for a couple of weeks. Justin has graciously offered to step in to the role while he’s gone.

Glenn opens by talking about the massive damage to Indiana and Kentucky because of the recent tornado outbreak. Brad entreats the listeners to send prayers and good vibes to the victims, and if they can find it in their hearts (figuratively or literally) to donate in some form to The Red Cross. Glenn picked up Gotham City Imposters on the Xbox and he shares some of the cool and quirky perks. Justin has been working hard and when he finds down time he is playing Skyrim. He has decided to run with Adam in the Rugged Maniac marathon in the fall.

Christina finally chose her free Audible Trial book download, and has been watching new shows and revisiting some old favorites. She is addicted to a new game on her phone, and had a great time visiting Cleveland. Her sister got lots of use out of her Zoom H1. She tells the tale of entertaining strangers at the store, and shares how she feels about International Women’s Day.

Brad has moved in to a new building at work and is enjoying the shiny new everything. At home he is loving his PS Vita.

Combining books and games, Glenn opens by telling us about the first e-book he has purchased, James Rollins’ book, Altar of Eden. Loving his tablet, he is happy to share that Marvel will be packaging digital download codes in their comics for $3.99. He takes a moment to update us on his tablet and the apps he’s been playing with. Indulging himself after long weeks of crazy hours, he bought the 3D housing apparatus for his Go Pro camera. Following Steve Niles on Twitter, Glenn heard about the graphic novel Mystery Society. Also, he bought Dave Stevens: The Complete Sketchbook Collection and takes a moment to speak about the late artist.

Justin shares his Skyrim experience with us, including a little bit of story synopsis, game play, favorite tricks and moments. His one complaint is the AI for the followers, and admits to enjoying one of the glitches in the game. Brad wishes there would be another Fantasy Star Online game, and Christina’s interest is piqued by the character creation mode. Justin takes a moment to talk about the new Assassins Creed game, but can’t see himself leaving the Skyrim universe just yet.

Brad and Christina thank Nick for sending them Mass Effect 1 & 2 as well as Alan Wake. Your kindness and generosity continue to amaze, Nick! They segue through platform types and have high hopes for Bioshock Infinite.

Christina is playing Tiny Tower on her phone, addicted now, since she downloaded it because it was from the same company that brought her old favorite Monster Ranger to Android. In books, she has listened to Elisabeth Sladen’s autobiography read by Caroline John. Brad bought the hardcover version and was surprised to see his family name in the acknowledgements.

Geek Cuisine brings Adam back, but he probably wishes he hadn’t shown up. We share Cinnabon Candy Canes and we are unanimous in our reactions.

Thanks to The Signal for their promo this week! and special musical guest Possible Oscar with their song “Get Our Geek On”

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