Welcome back! Still Adamless for most of the show, Justin is happy to be on his end of the couch. Christina talks about ants on a log, and weirds Brad out.

Speaking of odd health food, Christina supplies the Geek Cuisine this week. Adam is back just in time to as she shares her WhoNu chocolate sandwich cookies. While Christina enjoys them, the guys can’t figure out what the weird after taste is.

Get ready for a marathon tv and dvd talk. We open with the bad news that Terra Nova has been cancelled. We theorize and ponder about what other network or venue could pick it up. Brad segues into the series that will be the spinoff of Primeval, including Niall Matter from Eureka in the cast. Speaking of weird casting, they weigh in on how they feel about Ben Browder on Doctor Who. In family matters, Christina notes the cool pairing up of Mark Sheppard and his dad on Doctor Who, and recently, seeing James Caan work with Scott on Hawaii Five-O. Glenn is watching Alcatraz and it opens the floor for discussing the show. Christina has the theory that she could easily see Fringe and Alcatraz cross over at some point. Glenn laments the convergence of a lot of shows he loves on Friday nights, including Grimm, Supernatural and Fringe. We fear for Grimm, given that Amy Acker was a guest. The group goes south as we investigate Justified, including our favorite characters, Kentuckian authenticity and the duplicity of villains. Glenn is enjoying the recent Face Off on Syfy, and Christina is happy to have finally seen an episode. He is looking forward to Monster Man, the movie monster creation show.

Spoiler Alert! If you aren’t caught up with The Walking Dead up until and including “Judge, Jury and Executioner, airing on March 9th , you might want to run away. We’re going to discuss the gory details! Justin talks about Jeffrey DeMunn and Frank Darabont and why he thinks Jeffrey made the decision he did. On a broad scope, they debate the merits of coming into a “based on” kind of series clean, with no prior knowledge, or to have been steeped in the source material. Are the expectations worth the disappointments when they verge from the original plots? Justin and Christina make the point that despite the outwardly genre appearance of the show, it appeals to so many people. Justin brings up that some critics complain of slowness this season, and Christina points out that tension is often stronger when it comes from within. They all admire the insanity of Shane’s character. Brad is looking forward to reading The Rise of The Governor, and Christina is hoping to listen to the audio book.

Adam returns for one more sweet Geek Cuisine for this episode. He shares Charms Fluffy Stuff sour apple cotton candy. Dear listeners, we can firmly say that this is probably one of the favorite Geek Cuisines. EVER.

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