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What do you get when you combine localized post-apocalyptic zombies with some bad, synth-heavy music plus rejects from both The Misfits AND Kiss? You get Guilty as Glenn shares Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Toyko Bay! The gang briefly debates dubbed vs. subbed and Adam talks about his quick-footed corpse portrayal in the 5K Zombie Survival Run.

Geek Cuisine has great potential with Uncrystalized Candied Ginger from Trader Joe’s. From sounding brilliant to tasting like band aids, they are unanimous in their horrified disgust.

Glenn opens Tech Talk this week with the keyboard attachment for his Transformer Prime. Everyone admires the sleekness of the design, and Glenn especially loves the symbiotic battery sharing between the keyboard and the tablet. Adam has inherited a Panasonic Toughbook from his sister’s workplace, after they upgraded systems. He is having fun with the durability and the sheer novelty of it. Brad has had to do some audio upgrading after the sub-woofer became a casualty of rearranging shelves and now The PodCulture Theater audience is now listening to a new set of Polkaudio speakers. When he hasn’t been plotting to upset the neighbors with the new volume, he has been playing with new roms for his tablet. She may not have anything geek tech this week, but Christina will be better prepared for the zombie apocalypse with her new swanky crank radio/cell phone charger. More off-world than real-world tech, Brad talks about the Malcolm Reynolds replica pistol from Quantum Mechanix newly protecting the curio cabinet.

In closing, Christina asks for music recommendations. Glenn is finishing James Rollins’ “Last Oracle” and is reading Avengers Vs. X-Men. Christina is enjoying The Walking Dead app for her phone as well as Draw Something. Adam wants us to enjoy the spring weather despite allergies and frost warnings. Brad is looking for good games to play, so call the voice mail line and let us know!

Promo for this episode is for The Parsec Awards! Head over to www.ParsecAwards.com between April 15th and June 1st 2012 and nominate your favorite podcast!

Special musical guests for this episode are Sci-Fried with their song Star Wars Idiot and Steve Goodie with F U R2D2.

Extra special thanks to Audible.com. As a PodCulture listener, you can click the link on our site, and now get 30 days to explore the over 100,000 titles and choose one to download for free! With genres for everyone and apps for every phone, you can be listening in no time! So click, download, listen and then tell us what you’ve chosen!

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