We open this episode after hours episode of Tardis Interruptus with talk of another show about space and time…

Christina and Nick start off with talk of Star Trek and Con-goers and the various levels of fandom. They talk of the difference between appreciating and dressing up and going totally off the deep end.

Back from the break, Nick talks about Day o’ The Darleks and more about Jon Pertwee’s years. Christina mentions some notes in Elisabeth Sladen’s autobiography. Nick talks about the dinosaurs in Invasion of The Dinosaurs and other stories, including Planet of the Spiders.

Nick mentions Pertwee’s regeneration scene, which leads he and Richard to discuss who had the most moving exit. Nick discusses what he considers to be “The Golden Years” of Doctor Who. Christina appreciates that Lis didn’t bank on the show lasting forever.

Nick talks about the relationship between Sarah Jane and the Third and Fourth Doctors. He and Richard discuss longevity in Doctors versus companions. They note several entrances and exits of companions over the decades.

In an unrelated conclusion, Nick recites an ode to his linen-lined Xanadu and the importance of naps.

Thanks to the brilliant band, Chameleon Circuit, for their song, “Type 40”. Gratitude to The Type 40 Podcast for their promo!

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