After an introduction from the brilliantly charming John Rhys-Davies, we welcome you to another episode of PodCulture!

The first Guilty Pleasure this week is actually NOT from Glenn, but is from Adam instead! It is Iron Sky. Space Nazis from the dark side of the moon. The filmmakers meld a steam punk WWII era with a futuristic space battle. Tongue in cheek caricature meets mildly veiled political satire. Pallette and costumes impress Glenn and Christina while the CGI didn’t make Adam cringe too badly.

Bring on the autumn Geek Cuisine! Christina and Brad chose Goetz’s caramel apple Cow Tails candy from B.A. Sweeties in Cleveland.

The next type of dairy gone wrong is Glenn’s Guilty Pleasure, the 2009 Japanese film, Blood. He finds it very atmospheric with Samurai vampires and a slick modern tale in the vein of Blade. Not your normal Guilty Pleasure, the dramatic turn of this story is hard to compare to the cheese of things like Life Force and Innocent Blood. Christina finds that it is available to stream on Netflix.

In closing, Christina is disappointed she won’t get to meet Richard Dean Anderson at Dragon Con. Glenn gets a text from Carly after she got the Reins of the Ravenlord in World of Warcraft. He, himself, is happy that his Asus tablet is back home safe, despite the firmware update glitch with his camera apps. The boys talk about updating roms and the brilliance of the XDA forums. Brad thanks Billy for enabling him to buy his new Nexus 7 tablet. Christina tells the story of how her Mom got a new phone while Brad was with her. Brad helped Miranda update her epically outdated firmware on her phone and Batman Arkham City for twenty dollars at the mall. Adam wants us to go outside and enjoy the improving weather. Christina gives Brad a hard time for skipping her in final thoughts. She is loving her trial of Spotify. Brad is impressed by his sister, Beth’s strength and fortitude during her time of loss. He takes a moment to speak about the beautiful tribute to his brother-in-law and thanks the listeners for their support.

Special thanks to British Invaders Podcast for their promo! Music this week includes “In The 80’s” by Devo Spice and “Geeks Don’t Care” by Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction.

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