After an introduction from the effervescent Ron Glass, we welcome you to PodCulture!

Adam begins with his Rugged Maniac marathon, explaining some of the obstacles and admitting to possibly over-training for the event. He is exceedingly proud of his friend, Kevin, for joining him on his fitness journey. The next day, he went for a dive at the LaGrange Quarry. Adam is now amping up the training for the Bourbon Chase run, loving the Nike Running App for his phone. Adam’s CGI work on the Firefly fan film, “Bellflower”, had its first 8-minute preview at Dragon Con and he is excited for the work to continue.

Glenn picked up an 11×17 scanner to preserve his art and art he has commissioned from others. World of Warcraft released a big update, so he is back in his flying mount’s saddle again. Guild Wars 2 has come out and he has already filled his five characters slots, talking about how great the game looks. Mech Warrior is in beta and Adam is happy to be testing it. As if gaming wasn’t taking up Glenn’s time, all the new seasons of shows came out for sale.

Christina took the week Brad was gone to do some cleaning and some birthday shopping, while watching Netflix. She is trying desperately to plan a trip to England with her mom, but is in dire need of help and will gladly accept advice from travel savvy listeners.

Brad had his yearly trip to the mecca of geek that is Dragon Con! Raining on his parade a bit was the passing of his trusty car, Trendsetter. He tells the tale of bringing home his new car, Emma Peelout.

Geek Cuisine is cinna-molten goodness as Brad shares his discover of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.

Glenn opens TV and DVD talk with Face Off, and doesn’t know if Hot Set will follow in its footsteps. Haven is finally returning and everyone is glad Grimm is back. Alphas is stepping up and we all like the new character of Kat. He picked up Big Bang Theory, Fringe and Terra Nova on dvd. Adam has been doing a Lord of The Rings marathon. He is also watching Eureka and The Nerdist. The whole gang loved the new Doctor Who premiere and the fact that two Harry Potter people were in the same episode. Adam went to see Snow White and The Huntsman and was terribly underwhelmed by Kristen Stewart.

Christina spent the weekend mainlining all 3 seasons of Arrested Development on Netflix, blown away by attention to continuity and consistent humor. She has also watched the Titanic mini-series with Jenna-Louise Coleman and then made Brad watch it with her again. The pair are watching Alphas and Warehouse 13, anticipating the dark turns the show is taking. Adam is watching Wilfred and Christina is thrilled to have someone to share her love of the show with. Brad and Christina are enjoying Copper, which they liken to Deadwood meets NYPD Blue. They also caught the preview of Revolution, and Christina appreciates the social commentary on the fact that we are so dependent on electricity and technology.

Music this week includes tracks from The Firefly Music Project, including “Serenity” and “River”.

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