After an open by the charming Alan Tudyk, we welcome you back to PodCulture!

The gang is still sipping on their tasty pain liquid, which makes for a sillier open than you might expect.

Back from the break, Brad and Glenn announce the winner of C.E. Martin’s books Mythical:Heart of Stone and the sequel, Mythical:Brothers In Stone. Congratulations to Megan! Let us know how you like them?

What encourages silliness in geeks? Sugar! Our Geek Cuisine this week is Starburst Crazy Beans Jellybeans! The whole gang finds them as tasty as they are colorful!

We’re geeking and telling! Brad shows off his birthday swag. Christina got him Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy on blu-ray, since his age is the answer to everything this year. She also picked out some Green Lantern Hot Wheels and an Avengers ballcap. The tale of the toy debacle ensues. Now that apple cider time is approaching, she bought him a Tardis travel mug and a Doctor Who t-shirt from one of her favorite daily shirt sites. At Dragon Con, Brad picked up a stack of trade paperbacks. His Shepherd Book Little Damn Hero arrived in the mail and Brad’s looking forward to the Inara figure. For his birthday, Christina decorated a key lime pie in a koala motif. It leads them down the twisted path of gold koala droppings and future names of Android updates. Glenn has been picking up lots of dvds and 11X17 top loader art protectors for his comic work. He has been enjoying archiving his drawings. His birthday is coming up and has pre-ordered the James Bond 50th Anniversary megaset to go with Avengers on blu-ray. The 10th Anniversary of Firefly on television is upon us and we all feel due to watch them again. Adam has been spending all his money on runs, obstacle courses and scuba trips. Christina has been saving her pennies and pence for her trip with her mom. She did find herself a free app called Traffic Panic London, loving the detail of the city and the inclusion of the TARDIS. Brad picked up a game for his android tablet called Order and Chaos Online, and loves it despite (and because of) the WoW-ness of it. Christina isn’t comfortable with feeling obligated with game subscriptions. Brad tells the tale of getting Sirius radio in the new car.

Music this week includes “Kaylee” and “Can’t Stop The Signal” from the Firefly Music Project.

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