The brilliantly charming Sylvester McCoy welcomes you to PodCulture!

Andy joins us in the place of the Bourbon Chase-running Adam this week and Fireball Whiskey comes out to welcome him. Glenn is back in Pandaria, playing World of Warcraft with a vengeance. He struggles to balance all his alt characters with all the new updates. The pet battle option is intriguing and Glenn gives us an overview. Christina regales her Monster Rancher days.

Christina hasn’t been doing much geeky lately, aside from planning her trip with her mom. She’s looking for suggestions for a good tattoo place in London and Glenn requests some comic books.

Andy talks about his trip to Germany and his change of employment venue. He discusses the challenges of fitting twice the material in half the time.

Brad has been dutifully washing his car and giving her tattoos from His Nexus 7 had a glitch, so Brad tells about the brilliant customer service from Google.

Glenn introduces Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 1, the animated feature by DC. Everyone loves the gritty atmosphere and the portrayal of crabby Bruce Wayne by Peter Weller. We’re all looking forward to Michael Emerson and Mark Valley as The Joker and Superman. They debate getting it at Best Buy for the figure or Target for other exclusive content. The boys segue to the new Robocop movie and the changes that are in the pipeline. The group covers Stan Lee, character names, educational extra features and more.

Music this week is Get Me Out Of Retail by Sci-Fried.

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