After a welcome by the wickedly genius Nicholas Briggs, we bring you another Tardis Interruptus!

The console room is full tonight as Justin and Andy join Richard, Nick, Adam, Christina and Brad. Firstly, SPOILERS, SWEETIE! If you haven’t seen the first five episodes of this season, you’ll need to come back, lest you be spoiled!

Wasting no time and jumping in at Asylum of The Daleks, we gush about Jenna-Louise Coleman and theorize about her role in the future as the next companion. They praise the genius of Nicholas Briggs as multi-Daleks.Christina still takes Rory’s side and revels in that he finally calls Amy out on the basis of their relationship.

In Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, we are introduced to Rory’s dad, Brian, and everyone enjoys his Williams lack of dumbstruck awe by the wonder of it all. The room muses over the Doctor’s power to dispense justice and whether or not the cast was too full for the story. A huge plot thread in these stories is the fact that the doctor has spent time on his own and what that does to his character and state of mind.

In A Town Called Mercy, fellow geeks were thrilled to see veteran sci-fi actor Ben Browder. The group debates the moral issues involved as well as the guilt the Doctor carries. What forms does mercy come in and what is the cost?

Without companions, the Doctor has become a shorter-fused, frustrated man, changing his dynamic with other characters, and Nick and Richard compare that anger to classic doctors. What about the world or its audience has helped Doctor Who evolve as a show?

Nick finds all the pieces of Moffat’s reign falling in to place just in time to see Amy and Rory leave. He takes exception to The Power of Three, but he and Andy concede to rewatch it after Christina points out the character moments. Brad wants to know how Nick feels about the character of Kate Stewart. Everyone loved the character of Brian. The group explores the themes of choice and of saying goodbye at the right or wrong times, as well as personality continuity. Do people change at the core level? Should the Doctor?

Music this week is the piece, “Eleven”, by Chameleon Circuit.

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