Gareth David Lloyd welcomes us back to another episode of PodCulture:TARDIS Interruptus! The T.I. Crew remain in the auxiliary console room as Brad, Adam, Christina, Justin, Andy, Nick and Richard continue their summation of the first five episodes of Series 7 of Doctor Who!

Spoilers, Sweetie! If you haven’t seen the first five episodes (especially the fifth episode), get ye into the TARDIS and travel back to watch them.

The gang discusses the finer points of The Angels Take Manhattan. What is it about the exits of the ginger-haired companions that just break our hearts? Some agree that the device of the Statue of Liberty was far fetched, Andy still found the approach creepy. Everyone is wigged out by the stone cherubs.Christina admits to liking “grown up Amy” and Nick concurs. Was this a worthy send off for the longest running New Series companions, or have they been done a cold disservice? As a whole, the room agrees that Rory’s arc was the most dramatic, while Amy took nearly all her episodes to grow into her role. Were you a weeping angel at the end, or did you find it stonier stuff?

Taking a break, Geek Cuisine is McVities Marie Finger Biscuits. Despite the desperate lack of tea to go with them, the group doesn’t dislike them. Nick, as Christina with her ice cream, wants to put Nutella on everything.

Returning to close, Justin plays the “guess the episode” game with texts from a newly introduced Whovian. Everyone mentions their hopes for the Christmas special and what the future holds for Jenna-Louise Coleman and her companion counterpart. We theorize about what kind of Doctor Matt will become with a new partner. Everyone agrees that if she’s half the firecracker Oswin Oswald was, the Doctor will be in great hands.

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