After a welcome by Starfleet’s own Denise Crosby, we bring you to PodCulture!

Brad, Glenn and Christina welcome Andy back into the studio!

Andy opens TV and DVD Talk but hasn’t had time for too much. He started Revolution and everyone likes it, but Andy feels like it was a bit of an info-dump. Andy hasn’t finished the Jericho series, and Brad lets us know that the comic book is still going. Son of Andy is making his way through new Doctor Who and Star Trek TNG. Avengers is out on DVD and every geek in the room picked up a copy, but some were let down by the lack of extras. Andy is watching Dresden Files while Christina recommends the audiobooks read by the wickedly charming James Marsters. Christina and Andy agree at the odd character twists on True Blood. Andy’s watched The Divide, but was very unimpressed. Glenn recommends The Road and Andy advises men with sons to avoid the book and the movie for their gut wrench-itude. Andy is back in the land of Deadwood and the brilliance of Ian McShane. Christina is still watching Paranormal State and found the fluffy BS of Deadliest Warrior on Netflix. She definitely needs to catch up with Downton Abbey. Glenn and Brad talk about the crapness of the Deadliest Warrior games. Brad and Christina are watching Copper and liken it to CSI meets Deadwood. They all fear for the fate of Warehouse 13 since Amy Acker had a cameo. Castle is back, and the guys groan at the shark-jumping, but Christina likes how they’re handling it. Brad brings up Much Ado About Nothing with Joss Whedon group, but Christina longs for the Catherine Tate/David Tennant version. The whole room loves Haven and is happy for it to be back. Hawaii Five-O is back to the beach, so Brad is happy drooling over Kono and Christina is quite enjoying Chin. Glenn is thrilled that the twist in Revolution is the role reversal of militia and soldiers. The dependability on technology hits home to the roomful of geeks. Alphas is back and the gang adore Gary. Elementary is enjoyed by all, and Christina loves Aidan Quinn despite his aging. She enjoys comparing and contrasting the two Sherlocks. They list off Johnny Lee Miller’s almost-roles and how well the detective character fits him. Andy mentions Homeland and appreciates Morena Baccarin, for both her nudity and her acting. Glenn finally gets his turn, and he is lamenting that all the previous seasons of shows are out too close to when the new seasons start. He has picked up American Horror Story. Andy caught an episode of Star Wars Lego Padawan Menace and they all want the Avengers Lego short. Brad mentions all his copies of Serenity. Glenn picked up the Indiana Jones box set on blu-ray and the other boys are drooling over the James Bond set. They muse on whether or not James Bond is a Time Lord.

Andy also takes the lead in our Book Talk with his post-apocalyptic themes. He is both reading and watching Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files. Bring out the undead with the White Flag of The Dead series by Joseph Talluto. He tried to read Mark Tufo’s Zombie Fallout series, but the errors were too distracting. Stephen Boyett’s Ariel enthralled Andy as a kid, and he has picked it back up again as well as the sequel, Elegy Beach. Christina brings up the documentary Outbreak:Anatomy of a Plague, as to what defines post-apocalyptic conditions. When he’s not wondering “what if”, he’s wondering “what if when”, enjoying the alternate history of Harry Turtledove. He enjoyed 1862, the Civil war alt-fiction novel. They enjoyed Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. Glenn talks about Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines. They digress to telling about how various teachers keep kids awake and what the next generation will be reading.

Music this week comes from Steve Goodie with “Out In The Backyard”.

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