With a welcome from the charming Andre Gower, we bring you another episode of PodCulture!

Andy is sitting in for the this episode and we’re glad to have him!

Charge up the controllers, it’s time to talk games. Glenn opens with World of Warcraft. He talks about the new class, new perks and effects.He describes new mounts, glyphs and forms that druids can take. The Pet Battles have piqued the interest of Carly and Glenn both. Andy segues into the new downloadable vampire content for Skyrim. Brad picked up the Left 4 Dead downloadable content but hasn’t played it yet. Andy announces that they would be closing the City of Heroes and City of Villains servers by the end of the year. He talks about what games have gone the way of the dinosaur and asks for suggestions for MMORPG games that the whole family can enjoy. In the meantime he is playing the heck out of Civilization 5. Glenn talks about the events in Guild Wars 2 and just picked up Borderlands 2. Andy found out that it wasn’t just another Fallout. Glenn enjoys the comedy and personality of Borderlands 2. Christina guilty admits playing Fish vs Pirates on her phone and asks listeners for suggestions. She’s enjoying the 8-Bit game Quiet Please because she loved the old Lucas Arts Monkey Island and Indiana Jones games. Andy talks about the Game of Thrones card game. He was an old D&D player and mentions the Intelevision. D&D just reminds Christina of the Fredo episode of IT Crowd. Veering into TV, they defend Red Dwarf.

Geek Cuisine is the good, the bad an the ugly. Since Andy isn’t oft with us when we have the “interesting” ones, so we force uncrystalized candied ginger upon him. When his stomach has settled, we get to the real Geek Cuisine. Jet-Puffed Mallow Bites Ice Cream Cone marshmallows. Christina laments how she used to roast them over the stove at her parents’ house and tells the tale of Peep Jousting. Brad and Andy put marshmallows in Fireball Whiskey to see what happens. Christina shares about her mom’s toaster oven and Brad spins the yarn of her first time having deep fried turkey.

In final thoughts, Christina entreats everyone to see theater of some kind. Brad, Andy and Christina speak on the variation between the book versus the musical of Wicked. Glenn talks about his Captain America hoodie. He shows off his Rough Justice:The DC Comics Sketches of Alex Ross. Andy is all about escapism in any form and asks for feedback about tv, books, movies and games. During the closing thoughts, Brad reads that Michael O’Hare, aka Commander Sinclair on Babylon 5 has passed away.

Music includes Before He Speaks by Steve Goodie and Pokemon League of the Living Dead by Gekkos.

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By Brad

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