After a hello from the adorably diminutive Gigi Edgley, we welcome you to another episode of PodCulture!

Glenn opens with the overabundance of tv this time of year. The gang weighs the merits of cable vs DVR vs other methods of content distribution.Glenn is playing the new Medal of Honor and enjoys the extra perks but it lacks the intuitiveness. All said, he loves the customize-ability and finds the new political spins interesting. By pre-ordering it, he gets a free download of the Zero Dark 30 map. In other news, Glenn shares about his new dumpy tree frogs, Olive and Walter. While Carly tries to find a home for the babies, Christina can’t handle the guilt. Christina is walking her behind off and hoping to enjoy some more fall weather. She promises to do the Doctor Who Stonehenge monologue in England and regales the horror of having to buy a coat. Her high school and the neighboring school are merging, so as of recording she’s wearing her school t-shirt to support their last football game. Brad has been tinkering with Windows 8 on his computer and enjoying the struggles. Adam is playing the X-Com on Steam, having loved the original. Beside that, Adam set out to complete 3 races. The first was The Rugged Maniac, which he finished with ease. and The Bourbon Chase relay. During the Bourbon Chase he tells of the 200 mile relay around central Kentucky’s distilleries. His finding coyotes coincide with the week’s episode of New Girl for Christina and loved his scenic third leg of the race. The trio of torture concluded with the Tough Mudder 12 mile course through the mud. He talks about the obstacles, including the ice water dumpster and the the electric eel barrier. The Wounded Warrior Project was the charity involved and the camaraderie of the runners was inspirational. Throughout the entire race, Adam wore the cap of the original Tough Mudder, the orange Jayne Cobb hat. His final obstacle was called Electroshock Therapy, the one he was most worried about, was defeated and the victor reigned supreme! He now proudly owns his well-earned Tough Mudder headband.

Geek Cuisine marries Fireball Whiskey with the brilliant Huber’s apple cider. Sound perfect? Because it was! All thumbs up and everyone feeling autumnal and cozy.

Christina is proud to present this week’s Guilty Pleasure. Michael Crawford may have ended up the opulent Opera Ghost, but he began as the comedic Condorman in this 1981 Disney romp. Comic book writer turns international super-spy in what was one of Christina’s favorite movies as a kid. Campy characters, over-the-top Bond-inspired chases and the happy endings only Disney can provide made for a nostalgically guilty pleasure!

Music includes “Nobody to Vote” by Steve Goodie, and “Sorry Clint, Obama’s Not There” by Power Salad.

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