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Glenn opens this episode with a little Guilty Pleasure! He has gone to the Warner Brothers Archive Collection and found The Liquidator. One of the first James Bond knockoffs, it starts more in the comedy genre. Not as over-the-top as the later Bond parodies, it is exactly Glenn’s brand of cheese. It was based on a book by John Gardner, who then went on to take over the Bond book series from Ian Fleming. Christina notices Jeremy Lloyd’s name, of Brit-Com fame, in the credits.

Christina enthusiastically opens TV and DVD talk with watching the tenth series of Red Dwarf. The chemistry amongst the cast remains as well as the comedy. She is quite proud to say she was singing along with the end credits. She has become addicted to Breaking Bad on Netflix and is delightfully uncomfortable with the range of characters. She is also watching One Way Out on Netflix, about an escapologist and his daring feats. Brad and Christina, as well as Glenn and Carly are watching 666 Park Avenue, appreciating Terry O’Quinn. Brad agrees that it has good potential for an episodic story with an underlying mythos. The gang shoots the breeze about Arrow, despite wishing Justin Hartley had been cast. Brad notes some of the Green Arrow history that is tweaked, but likes some of the nods to the mythology. They go from one Smallville character to another Smallville actress and talk about Beauty and The Beast. Not the fluff and poetry of your Mom’s Beast, it still holds a little potential. Castle is still enjoyable, despite “jumping the shark” as Brad says. He and Christina are fond of Copper as a great mix of Deadwood and NYPD Blue. It may not be Sherlock, but the group is liking Elementary. Rosalie will be back on Grimm, thank goodness. Hawaii Five-O is still a beautiful bowl of eye-candy. Christina is intrigued by Hunted, but Brad is underwhelmed. The gang is impressed by Last Resort and hopes it has staying power. Supernatural keeps on going strong. Merlin is back and Christina couldn’t be happier with Anthony Head’s cameo.

Music includes “Smeg Head” by The Great Luke Ski.

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