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The gang is continuing where they left off with TV and DVD talk, and we jump right back in.Once Upon a Time has had stories loved by all. Glenn and Carly find Regina their favorite, everyone equally impressed and creeped out by Mr. Gold. In these last few episodes, Christina’s new favorite is Captain Hook. Revolution continues to be Lost meets Jericho, but the gang appreciates Giancarlo Esposito’s character. The quartet is floored by Walking Dead and notices the focus on character development rather than simply running. Glenn fears the b-movie factor of Michon. He jumps ship to Last Resort and has only seen the first episode, but is really liking the idea. It suffers in that it has been placed opposite Vampire Diaries. Supernatural, Grimm and Fringe round out Glenn’s schedule while he, Brad and Christina will miss the Fringe gang. She and Glenn talk about the fact that Fringe has lost any new viewers they might have added, since it got so complicatedly weird. The season finale of Alphas was a bit anticlimactic for Christina, but the fans remain. They theorize what the finale means while Christina appreciates Stanton Parish’s costuming. Glenn is restarting his watching of Dexter from season 1 with his coworker. He is keeping up with Face Off and is looking forward to Justified coming back. The road leads to Haven and while Christina isn’t touched by Nathan’s new girl, she can’t handle the suspense of what will happen. She and Brad find humor in the hashtags on Haven and Copper. Glenn ordered Thundar on dvd from the Warner DVD Archives and his Shazam has shipped. Brad breaks out his ancient tv theme sound boards. Adam is watching the same as everyone else, with the exception of Homeland. The whole gang has become indifferent to Big Bang Theory, but Christina notes the evolution of Amy’s character. Adam is hoping Community will come back soon.

Geek Cuisine is blissfully autumnal with Caramel Apple Milky Ways.

In close, Glenn shows off his Sideshow Collectible Hellboy figure. Adam wants you to conquer your fears and Christina asks that you watch something you loved as a kid. Brad and Glenn fondly remember Battle of The Planets. Brad has simply had enough geeking for one night.

The promo this week comes courtesy of our friends at The British Invaders Podcast. Music includes Todd Chappel’s “My Conjoined Twin”.

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