After an introduction by Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy; the 350th episode of PodCulture kicks into gear!

Glenn rediscovers Tumblr thanks to his wife Carly, and posts all sorts of Guyver goodness. Adam has been taking a break from exercise due to an injured foot, and has been playing some Civilization 5. Adam and Christina think skydiving is cool while Glenn and Brad think they are both nuts for wanting to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Christina has been making preperations for her trip to the UK. Brad has been upgrading all the computers in the studio to Windows 8 and solid state harddrives.

Then Glenn vanishes into the night, to find some Doritos and Mountain Dew and Brad, Adam, and Christina stick around to discuss Halo 4! Who likes it, who has already beaten it, and who rolls their eyes at the other two?

Thumbing his nose at the laws of time and space Glenn wanders back into the studio just in time for Geek Cuisine. This time around the gang tries Ginger Cheesecake cookies from Target!

Musical guest for this episode include Team Tiger Awesome with “Halo Nights” and Kirby Krackle with “Teabagged”

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By Brad

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