Proving that not all reboots are bad…GeekSpin is back! Episode Zero of the new show has escaped into the wilds of the podcast world and hope to bring a fun mixture of music and geekery to your MP3 player!

Kicking things off is the Great Luke Ski with his song Black Friday

Then the PodCulture crew takes a break from recording the main show to discuss possible UFO sightings in Kentucky.

With a song that is near and dear to at least one of the crew (not to mention a difficult song to play in RockBand) is Kirby Krackle with Ring Capacity.

Brian from the British Invaders podcast sent in his own geeky spin on the changing of classic costumes for favorite characters.

The final song of this new show is An Awful Lot of Running from the band Chameleon Circuit.

If you have a geeky spin of your own, send an email or an MP3 to or call the voicemail line 812-672-4763 (4POD) Lets us know what you think of the new show!

By Brad

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