Glenn uses active cammo mode to avoid the opening to part B, but manages to get back into the studio just in time for the rest of the show!

Christina new TV obsession is Breaking Bad. The gang calls it with the show 666 Park has been cancelled, but Brad and Christina love it. Also the comic nerds are digging Arrow. As much as they like Beauty and the Beast, they aren’t buying Kristen Kruek as a cop and not having Ron Pearlman as Vincent is sorely missed. The show Elementary has proven to be a great fun watch despite the crew’s fears that it would suck. The wibly wobbly time wimey of Fringe is throwing the gang for a loop and they are dreading the days when the series reaches its end. Everyone is glad that the character Rosalee will be back on Grimm.

Crap goes down on Haven and Christina gushes over Duke’s sweaters. Then onto Hawaii 5-0 where the Halloween episode had the gang geeking out. Brad and Christina are happy that Law and Order: UK will be back for a 7th series, but Brad is crushed that Freema Agyman will not be returning to the show. Christina goes on a rant about how the character of Gwen has been watered down, but is still enjoying the show. She also goes all melty inside over Captain Hook in Once Upon a Time. Brad and Christina are watching the spin-off of a favorite series: Primeval: New World and liking the upcoming guest stars and subtle ties to the original series. Still watching Revolution the crew isn’t TOO taken with it yet, but are enjoying the concept of the series. Supernatural is still popular and the gang still watches. Then they move on to discussing the new CBBC series Wizards vs Aliens (a show that replaced The Sarah Jane Adventures) Glenn is liking American Horror story and Revolution.

Musical break for the show features “Love Bites” by Insane Ian

After the break Glenn brings up Last Resort, Vampire Diaries and Once Upon a Time. The crew is luke warm about The Big Bang Theroy. Who would have thought it…but everyone feels for Carl in The Walking Dead. Glenn shares and Android app he found Series Guide. Christina jumps back in with a few of her shows she is watching. Bob’s Burgers, and New Girl. Adam tells about the latest ep (as of recording) of Castle and all the in-jokes it contained….not to mention all the guest stars too! Adam tells everyone about a few movies he watched: Machiene Gun Preacher, Wreck It Ralph, and Cloud Atlas. He has also been watching Homeland and digging it. Glenn is chomping at the bit to go see Skyfall.

Friend of the show Nick calls in with a review of Borderlands 2.

In closing Glenn brings up Disney buying Lucasfilm and the crew all speculates what is in store for Star Wars. Could an official release of the Star Wars Christmas happen after all?

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