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Adam is working hard but enjoying relaxing with new friends. He is playing Mech Warrior Online and loving the new updates, as well as playing Halo 4 on Legendary and Multiplayer. Glenn is happy the busy period at work is over, having reported on the craziness of Black Friday. When he is free, he’s playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and will be downloading the new map pack for Battlefield 2. He just watched Amazing Spiderman on blu-ray and the guys talk about the pros and cons of the movie, as well as taking guesses on the bad guys for the sequel. Brad has played tech support for himself in the past couple of weeks, between a new tv, an open box deal on a receiver and studio computer. While he was swearing like Ralphie’s dad in Christmas Story, Christina spent her two weeks in England and Paris and will have stories to come.

Glenn opens TV and DVD talk with his Series Guide app on his tablet. He is lamenting the cancellation of 666 Park Avenue. He is an episode or two behind on American Horror Story, and compares the first and second seasons. He is recording Arrow, but hasn’t watched it yet, as with Beauty and The Beast. Brad and Christina find both acceptable, if not stellar. Glenn doesn’t appreciate the moving around of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. He is re-watching Dexter with his coworker. Face Off starts up again in January, and Glenn takes a moment to talk about Hot Set. Fringe will be wrapping up soon. Christina will miss Walter so much and wants webisodes of John Noble with a camera. Grimm is on hiatus until the spring, but Justified returns January 8th. Last Resort has been cancelled and the gang is bugged by the ending of shows that are unique. Glenn is looking forward to Longmier coming back, and Once Upon A Time is still awesome. While they like Revolution, none of them are especially excited about it. Glenn and Christina talk about watching Vampire Diaries and Breaking Bad. He explains why he can’t like the latter.

Everyone is caught up on Walking Dead, so if you’re not, load up on supplies and come back! Christina talks about her feelings toward Daryl and Carl. Kudos in extreme to the special effects people. In DVD news, Glenn picked up the new Batman trilogy on blu-ray and the gang discusses backing the wrong high def horse. Adam has been watching Breaking Bad, much to Christina’s joy. They talk about the evolution of Giancarlo Esposito as an actor. Adam is still watching Homeland and it has been kicked into high gear. He is really enjoying the webisodes of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome.

Geek Cuisine embodies all that is warm and happy about the holidays in a little inch by inch square. We share Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow 3 Musketeers Minis.

If anyone wishes to be spoiler free with regard to the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser, head to the holodeck for a bit. Everyone is happy to see lots of Benedict Cumberbatch. The boys pick it apart and speculate on the story as well as who Benedict is playing. Brad appreciates that the Abrams films are an alternate timeline versus a full-on reboot. They take guesses, both educated and otherwise.

Brad and Christina are watching Elementary and Christina enjoys the differences between Johnny Lee Miller and Cumberbatch’s portrayal. They are still watching Grimm and Hawaii Five-O. Both of them like Primeval New World, despite it not being as good as the original. However, Niall Matter’s portrayal of the lead is essentially Zane from Eureka with dinosaurs. Glenn thinks they could have tied it in to Terra Nova, had the show remained. Everyone thinks that Terra Nova has Revolution beat. Christina appreciates one of the recent episodes of Big Bang Theory, including the appearance of Alphas’ Ryan Cartwright. Finally, the pair are watching Wizards Vs. Aliens. The creation of Russell T. Davies and Phil Ford to semi-fill the void left by The Sarah Jane Adventures. While Christina was gone, Brad picked up Ghost Rider 2. While Nick Cage was way over the top, he and the guys really appreciated the special effects. Christina’s interest is piqued by the roles played by Idris Elba, Anthony Stewart Head and Christopher Lambert. Glenn speculates about the reboot of the Highlander. It leads them back around to cheesy movies with Nicholas Cage. Even though she’s been out of the country, Christina was able to watch some movies on the plane, including Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Brave and The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Brad is excited about Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, despite not being a Shakespeare-on-film fan. Christina needs to get the David Tennant and Catherine Tate version.

Promos come courtesy of Saturday B Movie Reel and music includes Trivial Mysteries by Project Sisyphus.

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