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We happily welcome Ashlee, Todd and Barbara to the studio!

Ashlee is back after a long time in college on the west coast. She has switched up her gaming genius and is more Left 4 Dead than Halo now. Christina is overwhelmed by Christmas. Adam is working and planning his next adventures, which could possibly include skydiving. Glenn is playing Black Ops 2 and is saddened that all his shows are on Christmas break. He shares about his wonky router. Ashlee has almost completed her schooling and putting together PacificNerdWest Convention. As excited as she is to be booking guests, she is most looking forward to the town-wide live RPG with smart phones and all kinds of sneaky adventures. Christina remarks that they will soon be celebrating their 365th episode, and Brad can’t believe Glenn has only listened to the first one.

Glenn brings Guilt to the gathering with Assault Girls. The gang was forced to watch a handful of long trailers because the dvd wouldn’t let them skip over. Glenn loved the costumes, was bemused that they were speaking English, and could identify with the gamer aspect.

Todd brought the first Geek Cuisine from Shimpff’s Confectionery while Ashlee and Glenn give a little history of the place. The first flavor is Horehound and reminds everyone of cough drops. The next flavor is clove and Christina remarks that some places still sell clove gum.

Christina started watching survivalist shows on Netflix. She began with Man Woman Wild and enjoyed the dynamic between the couple. Since it only had ten episodes, she moved on to Survivorman but doesn’t enjoy it as much. She tells how her friend in grade school used poison ivy as toilet paper. Adam is almost caught up with Breaking Bad and started watching That Mitchell and Webb Look on Netflix, much to Christina’s joy. He is behind on Homeland but watched Starship Troopers while he was off sick. We all lament that Walking Dead is on a break. Ashlee’s weekly tv list includes Dexter, Adventure Time and My Little Pony, owing to the fact that she’s an animation student. She takes a moment to talk about the Bronies (which Christina doesn’t really get). Brad tells the tale of the walking stereotype at The Hobbit, which brings them to point out that people tend to judge the subculture by the select few extra-weirdos. Ashlee petitions Hasbro to make proper statuettes of the characters, and wishes especially for one of Discord. They segue into The Hobbit discussion, so if you haven’t seen it, head back to The Shire. Brad reckons Sylvester McCoy stole the show, but Christina votes for Richard Armitage. Everyone loved the Star Trek Into Darkness preview. Adam found a few pacing issues, but loved being immersed in that beautiful world again. Barbara’s 8 year old son was riveted into sitting still for the entire thing.

Music includes “The Most Commercial Time Of The Year”, “Christmas Thong” by Spaff and “Santa’s Gonna Telecommute This Christmas” by Power Salad.

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