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Carly went with Glenn to see the Hobbit and it leads Glenn to question Aidan’s Hobbit heritage. He enjoyed it in comparison to its heavier fellow Tolkien stories. They all marvel at the agelessness of Christopher Lee and Ian McKellen. Glenn saw the remake of Total Recall, and enjoyed the differences from the original. He looks forward to the newest in the Resident E movies. Having watched the Batman trilogy in a row, he notes themes that you might not normally pick up on. Ashlee finds that nothing good ever happens. Glenn has been watching Dexter with his coworker and takes a moment to make a complaint about the dvd release’s spoilers. In addition, the special features are download only due to the extended spoilerific promo reel. Syfy is delaying the release of the last two episodes of this season of Haven due to the Connecticut events. Brad appreciates that they at least filled the slot with the Eureka Christmas special. Brad and Christina are watching the usual things, Hawaii Five-O, Castle, Last Resort and are holding off on the last few Merlin episodes. Ashlee watches Revolution, clinging to any nerd thing the networks throw at us. Everyone is excited for Game of Thrones to start back up. Todd asks about the return of the IT Crowd, while Christina breaks the bad news. Chris O’Dowd has been working like crazy and Christina shares about Moone Boy.

In Tech Talk, Adam begins with his new phone, the LG Optimus G, noting some of the coolest features. His only issue is the lack of an SD slot. Adam is loving the Xbox Smart Glass. Ashlee has been overwhelmed by the business of life, so her most recent purchase has been Skyrim. She has the Evo 3D and shows off the shiny pictures. Glenn is playing with his new camera and thinking of ways to back up the pictures he takes. He is eyeing a new, giant tv. Todd has a 3D tv, so Ashlee has been playing Left 4 Dead. Todd likes his iMac but loves his 3D tv. Brad tells the thrice tried sale of a new television for the PodCulture studio. He had similar trouble with the studio PC while Christina was gone, but managed to get the new one blinged out thanks to Decal Mike.

In a plethora of Geek Cuisines, Brad share his Fireball with our welcomed back guests. Brad breaks out the cinnamon sugar Pringles and pumpkin Pringles. Adam brought two types of Unreal : Candy Unjunked candy. One in the spirit of Milky Way and one like a peanut butter cup, and both of them found great reviews.

In closing, Christina wishes everyone a happy holiday. Adam congratulates us on surviving the apocalypse. Ashlee wishes us all well and hopes to be back to visit again soon. Glenn says Merry Christmas and shares his new camera lens coffee thermos. He is looking forward to Pacific Rim. Todd and Barbara thank the gang for having them on and wish everyone well. Brad asks for positive vibes for his family.

Music includes Nerds Rule by YT Cracker and Loser of the Year by Sunspot. The promo this week is from The GeekSpin.

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