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Nick and Richard join Brad and Christina around TARDIS tree this week to discuss this year’s Christmas Special, The Snowmen. Spoilers, Sweetie! If you haven’t seen it yet, bundle up, stoke the fire and keep out the flurries while you watch!

Brad gives a brief synopsis of the episode. Everyone is pleased to see the return of Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax and Brad wants a Sontaran Mr. Potato Head. Richard begins his review, enjoying the concept of intelligent snow, touching back to The Web of Fear. Nick liked it a lot better than last year’s Christmas special because it wasn’t about the holiday itself. Christina absolutely adores Clara and loved the costuming. Also, the range of each emotion in each character. She touches on the observation how Matt carries himself and behaves at the start of the episode compared to the end. Brad appreciates the damage to the TARDIS and the spitfire of Clara. Nick is impressed with the new TARDIS interior and Christina has her theory about why it’s so different. Everyone totally loves the new credit sequence, and Nick is especially happy to see the return to retro styles. Brad and Christina watched it twice Christmas Day and Nick reported record breaking viewing. With regard to the story, Nick liked the story well enough. The only nit Richard picked was the fact that the relationship with the Doctor bloomed too quickly, a la Amy. They wonder about the mortality of Clara and whether or not it’s a Steven Moffat thing. Nick compares it to the classic story of Count Scarlioni from the 4th Doctor’s era.

Geek Cuisine is graciously provided by Andy, who was sorry he couldn’t make it to the recording, but sent along proper English Jelly Babies and Jammie Dodgers. Christina shares the story behind some of her Cardiff pictures from The Doctor Who Experience gift shop. She takes a moment to thank her mom for supporting the geek craziness they got up to.

Back from British bakery heaven, Christina takes a moment to talk about the brilliance in the costuming of this episode. The whole crew remarks on Matt’s costume compared to how it’s been and looks forward to what will be to come. They touch on the trio of Vastra, Jenny and Strax and as great as they are, Nick hopes they don’t turn the latter into a buffoon. Christina wonders what would happen if they ran into another platoon of Sontarans. Nick finds the fact that they are the gatekeepers for The Doctor fabulous. Would a spinoff with the unlikely trio be brilliant, or would it overuse them? They found the minisode useful in setting up the atmosphere of the episode proper. Richard theorizes about the solitude of The Doctor and the importance of getting back on the horse.

In closing, everyone is excited for the next series. Brad takes a moment to read some real-time Facebook feedback from Decal Mike and Siatabiri.

Music includes “An Awful Lot of Running” and “Eleven” by the brilliant Whovian band, Chameleon Circuit.

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