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Andy joins Brad and Christina in the studio, as Glenn and Adam are elsewhere occupied this week. The weather is making for an anticlimate-ic Game of Thrones foam fight for Andy. Christina mentions the loud neighbors upstairs and Brad’s worlds collide because friends of his from ages ago are now friends with Andy. Christina is finding friends from high school through the podcast and avoiding worrying about her dental work. In the meantime, she is excited to be sharing birthday and Christmas presents with Elizabeth. They take time to have a bit of a moan about the overzealous sports fans who live upstairs and whether or not people should have respect for neighbors. Brad blames Rob and Bobby from VOG and Orange Lounge Radio for getting him hooked on Forza Horizon.

In the open of the Christmas swag segment, Brad plays Christina’s favorite sound clip from Portal 2, and she shares the story of her mom getting Brad’s Nexus 7 tablet. Brad shows off the Mt. Dew Energy bottle from England. Christina brought an exclusive Rory figure and ordered one for Brad from WhoNA.com. Also, he received a Character Building dematerializing TARDIS set and a specially packed magazine. Also from WhoNA, she ordered him a Nintendo DS case with Amy Pond on it, complete with a sonic stylus. Christina’s mom bought the pair of them a region 2 Series 7 (part one) blu-ray set. An order from WhoNA also provided the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Calendar and the 50th Anniversary Who Monopoly. Christina managed to find an awesome deal on the 15 disc blu-ray set of The Lord of The Rings trilogy, Ted, Batman and a slew of geek t-shirts. Brad let Christina have Liam Neeson for Christmas…on blu-ray, that is. He gave her Battleship, Unknown, The Grey, Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans. He also gifted her Scribblenauts Unlimted on Steam for the PC. Andy got the Skyrim DLC for his son, as well as Walking Dead for the Xbox. Following in his dad’s footsteps, Son of Freehold also got some leather-making gear. Andy’s wife and son both share the Sims 3 Supernatural. Christina and Andy take a moment to talk about the various versions of the Sims. Andy bought himself a couple of new swords, and got back into playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Brad reads some real-time Facebook feedback from Treeva about the fan girl things under her own tree. Christina shares her girly present from Brad’s mom. Brad tells about the fun of Breaking Brad at Candy Day this year. Did you get any geeky gifts, or make any spazzy sweets? Tell us!

Geek Cuisine is the Ghost of this Christmas past. We share White Chocolate Peppermint M&Ms and Stacy’s Simply Gingerbread Pita Chips. Brad and Christina tell of their favorite gingerbread house stories.

Christina opens TV and DVD talk with her Netflix watching, including the David Tennant double header, The Decoy Bride and United. Andy compares the latter to We Are Marshall and she found the rom-com former enjoyable. Christina started watching Him and Her starring Russell Tovey, but she’s having a hard time getting in to it, despite the charming star. She is grossed out by Man Versus Wild, but can’t seem to stop watching it. Andy is still getting discs from Netflix and his current run is including the Sharpe’s series with Sean Bean. Mrs. Freehold is watching Star Trek DS 9. Andy talks about how his family’s Christmas movie is Love Actually, much to Christina’s joy. Mrs. Freehold is enjoying Megashark Versus Giant Octopus and making slow progress through Roar. The latter starring a young Heath Ledger. Brad and Christina started watching Transporter The Series and the pair are highly entertained. Justified is back for its 4th season. Brad isn’t thrilled yet, but Christina still loves Boyd Crowder.

Special thanks to The British Invaders Podcast and the Saturday B-Movie Reel Podcast for their promos. Steve Goodie provides his song “The Sandwich Song Sing-a-Long”.

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