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Christina opens game talk with Scribblenauts Unlimited on the PC though Steam. Brad also gifted her with Bioshock and she can’t wait to play. She has been playing Virtual Families 2 on her iPod from Last Day of Work, those who brought her all those beloved Virtual Villager games. The challenge of Bloons Tower Defense 5 is kicking her behind and the little people in Pocket Family are making her smile. Andy brings up Star Wars Angry Birds and Christina’s frustrated. He tells the tale of schooling Glenn in Black Ops 2 and the comparison to Halo. He and Son of Freehold re-upped their Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic and are loving The Walking Dead. He compares the latter to the character molding choices to Fable and the Star Wars games. Christina suggests Shakespearean trash talk. Andy is still loving Draw Something, but Christina is woefully behind. Everybody bows before Glenn’s art. Brad is playing Halo 4, but isn’t finding much difference between the others and the newest. His major time sink, though, has been Forza Horizon, creating gorgeous cars. The PodCulture fleet of cars is a sight to behold.

Castle is back, and despite Nathan Fillion winning a Peoples Choice Award, the gang worries about sharks being jumped. Christina and Brad are awaiting the return of Continuum and weren’t wowed by Lost Girl’s season premiere. Elementary continues to be great, but Andy wasn’t too impressed with the first few he has seen. The pair are lamenting the soon-to-be loss of Fringe, and waiting for the season wrap-up of Haven. Hawaii Five-O is returning and Andy shares the Choose Your Own Adventure ending to come. Law and Order UK is on its way back, but Brad will miss Freema Agyeman. Merlin has ended, but the once and future king has a fitting sendoff. Christina has one complaint about the final battle, but loved it nonetheless. She is bereft with the loss of her remaining British period series, and Andy suggest Cadfael. They nod to Survivors, Spooks Code 9 and Outcasts. Once Upon A Time is still making magic. They’re watching another series of Transformers Prime, but Christina isn’t a fan of the lack of light in the animation, although she likes Jeffrey Combs. Everyone is still “meh” about The Big Bang Theory. Brad and Christina watched Battleship and found it entertaining for what it was. Brad found it an interesting Transformers sibling, and Christina appreciated the Navy veterans in the film. The boys compare it to the popcorn joy of Starship Troopers. Brad takes his obligatory shots at Liam Neeson. He and Christina watched Ted and found it hysterical, if twistedly, wrong. Andy shares his favorite moment of the Olympics with Patrick Stewart. Christina has added Party Animals with Matt Smith to her Netflix queue.

Andy’s final thought is to be glad to be at a recording again. Christina’s final thought is recommending going to see Les Miserables at the movies. Both her fan girl mom and B-movie fan dad loved it. Brad doesn’t have any final thoughts and Christina asks for good vibes when she goes to the dentist and for her mom who just lost her kitty, Jillian. In the circle of things, Brad’s sister Beth got his niece a kitten for Christmas, only to find out Beth was allergic.

Music this week is the Portal pair of songs from the genius, Jonathan Coulton, “Still Alive” and “Want You Gone”.

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