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Glenn starts us off with his playing Black Ops 2, enjoying the new map packs, zombie mode and double experience point weekends. He explains the weapon prestige features. When he’s not playing, he’s polishing up a script in the works. Adam is feeling lazy this time of year. He has been playing Mech Warrior Online and Far Cry 3. Genealogy has been taking up a lot of his time and he and Christina discuss the awesomeness of history, as he shares anecdotes he has found so far. Christina has had nightmarish dental work done and she’s watching massive amounts of tv. Brad has been sucked in to Forza Horizon and Christina tells the tale of the black hole of time. He may not be racing his cars, but he has created a fleet of gorgeous paint jobs.

Geek Cuisine is in the mood for Valentine’s Day as the gang shares Three Musketeers Dark Chocolate Strawberry. Christina shares the wickedness of her little sister.

Adam starts TV and DVD talk. He has caught up on Breaking Bad and loves it, despite season five starting off oddly. Netflix has acquired Disney movies, so he took the opportunity to watch Treasure Planet. The FX series Louie is on his list as well. Christina squeals in delight to find that Adam has watched A Bit Of Fry and Laurie. Important Things with Dimitri Martin is in his “watched” pile and he explains about a trippy Claymation film “The Adventures of Mark Twain”. He reckons that the Dick Van Dyke show holds up very well for today. Nova’s “What Are Dreams” sparks a discussion about the varied nature of our unconscious tv watching. Christina mainlined American Horror Story because of Glenn’s recommendation and they talk about the awesomeness of Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson. She enjoys the repertory company aspect of the show and compares the first and second seasons. Also because of Glenn, Christina is finally watching The Vampire Diaries, using it as a meth patch for Buffy and Angel. She finally stopped watching Man Vs Wild, sick of watching him eat bugs. Craig Ferguson makes her laugh in his stand up show “Does This Need To Be Said?”. Adam remembers that he is watching Portlandia and Christina adds it to her queue. Brad and Christina are watching Arrow, Beauty and the Beast and Transformers Prime, which leads them to discuss the quality of other animated shows like Battle of The Planets.

In a second Geek Cuisine, the quartet try a trio of Peeps, including Sugar Cookie, Gingerbread and Chocolate Mousse. Christina shares that her mom is starting to watch Doctor Who.

Promos courtesy of The Signal. Music this week is Insane Ian with “I Hate My Job” and “Mwahaha” by Ookla The Mok.

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