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Being Human US is back and they are very different from their British counterparts, but Brad, Christina and Glenn are digging the difference. Haven has wrapped up in an interesting way and possibilities abound for the return. Brad and Glenn compare bad product placement in shows and Brad is still happy with Hawaii Five-O. Christina is loving the Transporter series, the Bond-ness of it as well as the amazing stunt scenes. Back on this side of the holler, Justified is back. Once Upon A Time is consistently surprising. Primeval New World isn’t quite as good as it’s parent show, but Christina and Brad still enjoy it for what it is. They liked seeing Colin Ferguson in a cameo role. Christina’s friend suggested a show called Utopia, a tense conspiracy drama with a dash of dry humor thrown in. Movie-wise, Brad and Christina watched Unknown. The pair delved into the Guilty Pleasure section of Netflix, including Death Race 2, Metal Tornado and Void.

Glenn talks about Taken 2 and Christina needs to borrow it. He is waiting to hear about 666 Park Avenue and everyone is sad about Alphas being cancelled. American Horror Story won’t come back until October. Glenn hasn’t started watching Arrow, but he has dipped into Beauty and The Beast. He likes the changes to Being Human US and has started watching Continuum. He is all caught up on Dexter, but the cliff-hangers are making him crazy. He and Carly are still loving Face-Off.

Geek Cuisine goes international as Christina introduces Carlsberg Elephant lager. Adam tells of the German cherry ale he tried. Glenn and Brad regale their Frat days.

Trying out a new feedback segment, Brad reads out some answers to the Facebook Question of The Week. Christina asked which shows that knew they were coming to an end had the most satisfying conclusions and which left you disappointed? Glenn touched on Fringe and Lost. Brad speaks on Battlestar and Enterprise. Adam was pleased with Deep Space Nine and Scrubs. Christina felt satisfied with Stargate SG-1 and X-Files. Angel ranks up there, despite the rush. Getting to the Feeback, Billy shares about Chuck, Dollhouse and Buffy as favorites and Big-O, Caprica, Twin Peaks and Boy Meets World. He also talks about Daria’s series finale as being a favorite. Justin writes about Cowboy Beebop and Babylon 5. C.E. Martin talks about Lost while Jason mentions, Voyager, Lost, Next Generation and Eureka as being good. Buffy, Angel, Journeyman and Arrested Development. Prison Break, Enterprise and Voyager seem to keep making the list. Abbie hated Enterprise, Buffy makes Jean’s good list, and Mike hated Last Resort. His favorite ending was Babylon 5. Gary also found B5. Traci found that Private Practice and Desperate Housewives’ finales. Billy adds a final nod to the Spiderman series, Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Brian liked Blake 7, Battlestar and the classic Survivors. Peggy agrees, disliking Battlestar’s ending. John loved B5, Lost and Fringe, but Enterprise keeps coming up on the hate list. He finds X-Files the worst ending. Christina asks if older shows had better endings because of time on television or is she just nostalgic? Brad talks about the G4 finale. Thank you for the feedback and feel free to ask your own questions!

Music includes “JoCo Got Jacked” by Devo Spice. The promo this week comes with thanks to The British Invaders Podcast.

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