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Glenn is waiting for Game of Thrones and Grimm. He wonders what Haven will be like when it comes back, and has replaced the finished Dexter with Homeland. He can’t believe Last Resort is over, but is getting caught up on Justified and Supernatural. Brad likes the throwback to the retro feel of the the Winchester brothers. Everybody is neither here nor there about Big Bang Theory. Nobody’s watched The Following, but everyone has heard good things and intends to watch. Glenn is still watching Vampire Diaries, Christina is catching up and Brad has just started. Brad and Christina rewatched the first few episodes of Farscape on blu-ray. The quartet watched Do No Harm before recording, and aren’t holding their breath for future episodes. Brad and Christina talk about Jekyll & Hyde the Musical and the James Nesbitt incarnations. She, Brad and Glenn take a moment to discuss Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2. Glenn reveals some exciting things about the upcoming Superman Unbound. Adam watched Hugo and found it pleasantly surprising. Also, on Netflix, he has watched Mike Birbiglia’s “Sleepwalk With Me”.

Glenn inflicts a Guilty Pleasure, Helldriver from Sushi Typhoon, on the gang. Japanese zombie dust clouds meet aliens meet a kickass girl. When the cool cover is the best thing Glenn can say about it, you know it has to be bad.

Christina has been playing Portal and Scribblenauts Unlimited on Steam. On her iPod, she is playing Pocket Family, Virtual Family 2, Bloons TD 5, Oregon Trail and Rise of Blobs. She has downloaded The Ghostbusters game on her iPod but hasn’t played it and began Little Big Planet Karting on the PS3. Brad explains the perks of being a PS Network. His major time sink has been Forza Horizon. He shares about the photo-realistic decals on cars. Glenn is playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2, taking advantage of the height of his tv to get some exercise. He, Todd and Ash have been playing Red Dead Redemption. He has games he has yet to get to, and still plans to pick up Halo 4, but he needs more hours in the day first. He talks about his favorite racing games, including Blur, Speed Racer and Red Asphalt. Adam has been playing Far Cry 3, explaining about the mechanics of the game. Also, he is playing Mech Warrior Online, honing his machines in great graphic quality. Christina forgot about her iPod game Blockheads, essentially a 2D Minecraft game. Brad is looking forward to Dead Island Riptide and Bioshock Infinite. Glenn is looking forward to more DLC for Black Ops. Christina asks for a good Free-To-Play games on Steam. Glenn wonders about Defiance, and what the game will be like. Adam is looking forward to Crysis 3, the latest Grand Theft Auto and Sim City.

In final thoughts, Glenn mentions C.E. Martin is writing a children’s novel and for the Amazing Stories Mag website. Adam wants us to play video games. Brad reads an e-mail from William asking what British shows the gang might be interested in, and Christina talks about the game show Pointless.

Music includes “Till Debt Do Us Part” by Steve Goodie and “Up, Up, Down Down” by Kirby Krackle. Thanks to The Critical Myth Podcast for their promo!

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