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Christina has been keeping up with the same diet of tv, music and dental work. Adam is still being lazy at home, busy at work and winning big points for his Valentine’s Day shenanigans. Glenn is watching Firefly at work with his pilot, and she is enjoying it immensely. Brad tells how Firefly is responsible for Adam and Christina being in the studio. He is proud to share that he will be helping out with The Signal podcast. Brad has been doing his usual playing video games and watching tv.

Glenn’s Guilty Pleasures won’t fail to…well, fail. He found, on 3-D blu-ray, Sector 7. A Korean movie, the first big budget from the producers, which Glenn compares to The Host. In the vein of Leviathan and The Abyss, he marks some of the things he enjoyed, including the monsters and the special effects.

In the first of two Geek Cuisines, the gang shares Trolli Strawberry Puffs. Everyone enjoys the squishy, sugary, strawberry goodness, even though they look like butts.

In TV and DVD, Christina starts with watching HBO’s series Girls. She was unexpectedly surprised and thoroughly enjoys the fact that the main character isn’t “Hollywood beautiful”. She is caught up with Bob’s Burgers and New Girl, and is trying to figure out where she left off on 30 Rock. On the serious side, she watched Auschwitz: Inside The Nazi State. Glenn is watching Being Human and Continuum and takes a moment to talk about the oddness of Cult. He is watching Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, The Following and Vampire Diaries. Christina wants a prop replica of Elena’s teddy bear. Everyone is caught up on Walking Dead. The gang watched Zero Hour before recording and they all enjoyed it, comparing it to National Treasure meets Dan Brown. Brad worries it will go the way of Do No Harm. Glenn shares the shows coming back, including Grimm and Game of Thrones. Adam is watching the heck out of Netflix. House of Cards is at the top of his list. Community is back, but he is underwhelmed. He is watching American Horror Story on the review of Glenn and Christina. Brad and Christina have been watching the New Zealand show The Blue Rose and Brad talks about his region free dvd players.

In the second Geek Cuisine, we bravely try Lay’s Chicken and Waffles potato chips. Brad is utterly revolted and the rest of the group, while it didn’t make them want to puke, they shan’t be seeking out more.

Promos this week come courtesy of Mark Gunn’s Irish Celtic Music podcast and The Type 40 podcast. Music includes “Middle Earth Needs Me” by Consortium of Geeks.

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