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In this third month of the thirteenth year, the TARDIS Interruptus crew brings you a review of the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee.

The gang gets ready by watching Terror of the Autons, and Nick gives us a background of both the actors and the story. He is thrilled to see a recurring villain in Roger Delgado as The Master. A lot of the Pertwee years can be seen reflected in the style and setup of the 2005 series. Richard explains how the restoration team turned the black and white Terror of the Autons into color. Nick and Richard explain why they love Jon both in front of the camera and behind. Nick talks about the level of consistency lending itself to better shows. As a collection of villains, Pertwee’s years were a real rogues gallery. Nick talks about the bevy of fabulous companions and the UNIT family of friends. Richard mentions the characterizations of his companions and how many actually live up to them. Richard talks about the multi-Doctor stories and the stories he wishes to see.

Nick gives his favorite Pertwee stories and monsters, including the synopsis of Ambassadors of Death, the Sea Devils, the Draconians, and the Claws of Axos stories. Christina’s favorite 3rd Doctor story so far is Inferno. Richard chooses Ambassadors of Death and Mind of Evil.

The Facebook question of the week is what episodes of Jon Pertwee were favorites. Brian favors The Curse of Peladon, John fancies Inferno and Tony chooses the moment he actually met Jon Pertwee.

Music this week includes “Teenage Rebel” by Chameleon Circuit and “Good Old Girl” by Marian Call.

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