Thanks to the TARDIS, Nick picks up right where he left off, discussing The Key To Time series of Tom Baker’s Doctor. He explains about the overall arc of the series, the character of Romana as his companion, and his disappointment in Douglas Adams. Taking a moment to talk about the effervescent Mary Tamm, Nick mentions what makes her special. It leads him to compare Mary Tamm to Lala Ward, lending sympathy to Lala’s less luminous portrayal and the tragic rotating regenerations. Shada was supposed to close out the year, but Richard and Nick explain why it wasn’t to be. The next year begins with changes both minor and matrimonial, all of which spark more evolution of the 4Th Doctor’s run. He bids goodbye to K-9 and Romana, and Nissa is introduced, but has yet to earn her TARDIS key. Nick takes time to comment on Adric playing opposite the 4th Doctor. Geoffrey Beavers (Mr. Caroline John) is back as the Master before regenerating into Anthony Ainley’s incarnation. Tom Baker went through the usual phases of trying to get outside the shadow of the scarf after leaving the show, but has come to love giving back to the fans.

Back from a break, Brad reads some responses to the Facebook Question about favorite moments or thoughts about the 4th Doctor era. Billy talks about The Ark In Space and the dynamic of Harry, Sarah and The Doctor. Matt replies with the fact that Tom was his first Doctor and Jelly Babies are part of his best memories. Christina shares the joy her mom experienced with her first Jelly Babies. Brad shows of some of the new decals from Decal Mike, including some awesome Whovian swag.

Wrapping up, Richard loves Tom, despite the rocky last couple of years. Christina is forever enchanted by the 4th Doctor, and Nick is dressed up in all his Bakerness. Brad might not see the resemblance between Tom and his dad, but finds him fabulous. Nick gives shout outs to his friends on the Who North America forums.

Music this week comes from the brilliant Chameleon Circuit, “Type 40”.

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