Back for the second half of the Twin Podcast Dilemma, it’s TARDIS Interruptus!

In the first half of the close, Brad reads a comment on our Feedback question from one of our favorite listeners, Billy. He gives us his thoughts on the Sixth Doctor, including Vengeance on Varos and Attack of The Daleks. Richard responds about differences between audio and televised stories. Christina sympathizes with the actors and would like to see them in other things. The gang discusses checks and balances of tv production. Richard and Adam begin a conversation about film versus video and quality of product.

In a Whovian Geek and Tell, Brad tells about the Doctor Who pinball machine around Christina’s hometown. He manages to find backing art on Ebay. He shares the two mini kits, including a light up TARDIS and a rolling Dalek. Christina is putting out the word looking for help with an Oswin costume for Dragon Con.

In the second part of the epic close, Nick chides new Who fans who don’t take interest in the classic series. Richard makes his strong feelings known about the topic. Nick lets the listeners know that there is a “best of” homework list on the Facebook site. Richard apologizes and understands that fans are fans regardless. Christina poses the question about which other companion would be best for Colin Baker’s Doctor. Nick votes for Teegan, and the rest of the gang agrees on Donna.

In final thoughts, Richard asks the audience to give Colin a chance, keeping an open mind. The Doctor known least to Adam, he finds the discussions helpful and warms up to Colin. Nick recognizes it’s not Colin’s fault that it is a lesser favorite era. Christina is glad she finally watched the Sixth Doctor stories and likes the harshness of his character. She is excited that he’s coming to Fandomfest in Louisville in July. Brad will watch more Colin, if for no other reason than two qualities of Peri. Nick explains The Peri Scale. Christina mentions the Doctor Who episode of Pointless.

Music this week comes from The Ken Spivey Band with Companion’s Lament and Time For A New Companion (Tardis My Home).

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