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After an introduction by Glados, Christina hasn’t been up to much besides listening to plenty of music on Google Play. Adam is prepping for his trip to Bon Aire in the Caribbean. Glenn is FINALLY watching Doctor Who! Everyone is excited that Colin Baker is coming to Fandomfest in Louisville. Christina calls Ace her second favorite classic companion. Brad is still pounding the virtual pavement and has been totally sucked in to Animal Crossing : A New Leaf.

The gang gets their game on. Christina opens with still playing Candy Crush Saga, Pocket Frogs and Snoopy Coaster, but has had her time sucked up by Instagram, Facebook and Vine. Adam is going casual, also playing Candy Crush Saga, Tetris Blitz and Bejeweled Blitz. On his PC, he has gotten back into Just Cause 2. Christina is also playing Uno With Friends and Brad tells about his card shark niece. Glenn took advantage of the Amazon Free App of The Day and is enjoying Cut The Rope Experiments. He has found a free Iron Man 3 game for his tablet but then was disappointed by its need for the internet. Enjoying his collector edition of Tomb Rader, he has put in time on the multiplayer mode. It might not be Call of Duty, but he finds it fun, everything from weapons to storyline. He has also been playing Injustice, the American counterpart to Brad’s. The guys talk about skins and Mortal Kombat . Brad shares the expedition of finding Last of Us. He is loving the emotional impact that should have been in Dead Island. Brad has picked up a UK copy of Defiance, after watching the show. He finds the load screens gorgeous, but the controls twitchy. Glenn is disappointed by the lack of customizability and not using the myriad of game weapons on the show.

Back from the break, Brad admits that he is totally sucked in to Animal Crossing. Christina gives an overview of her history of it with her sister. Brad relates his favorite parts of the game and its relaxing nature. Then the boys get in to the differences between the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. Adam is content to wait it out and see what happens, but Halo 5 is swaying him to Team Xbox. They run down the specs, including memory and cameras. Glenn and Christina are wigged out by the detail of the new Kinect. They compare Live versus Plus. Comparing aesthetics, the boys describe what they like and don’t about the looks of each. Christina has had Playstations most of her gaming career. The guys list off some things they “wish” each system would do or have. Glenn wonders about the communicative abilities of systems.

Music this week includes Rob Balder with “Gamer Funk” and “In Another Castle” by PodCulture favorite, Kirby Krackle.

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