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The Geeks get their cuisine on with Oberto Bacon Jerky! Surprisingly edible, the boys go back for seconds. Christina is less enthusiastic.

Glenn’s Guilty Pleasure is a nostalgic trip to his childhood with Japanese classic, Message From Space. An epic fantasy, owing more to Battle Beyond The Stars than Star Wars, they were proud of having Vick Morrow in the lead. More fantasy than sci-fi, Glenn’s fond memories were not misplaced.

Back for more sugar, the gang has a two-for of marshmallow goodness. Not your ordinary Peeps, the team tries Sweet Lemonade Peeps. Next, they have Original Foods Marshmallow Strawberries and the guys get carried away.

In a second dose of Guilt. Thanks to Glenn and The Warner Brothers Archive Collection, we have the Wonder Woman tv movie. Cathy Lee Crosby stars as the Amazonian princess and Ricardo Montalbon is her suave nemesis. Christina doesn’t understand why she’s popular, and it was truly a guilty pleasure for all its faults. Poorly scripted, poorly acted, the gang still finds things to laugh at and appreciate.

The last in the trio of confection, the group shares Watermelon Oreos! The sweet and sour filling is just in time for summer!

In final thoughts, Glenn picked up the new Goo Goo Dolls CD, impressed that they’re just as good as ever. Christina is in love with Google Play streaming music. Adam says go outside and have adventures! Brad tells of his iPod Nano shopping adventure.

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Music includes “Bert’s No Good” by Robert Lund, “A Good Day to Die Hard” by Fortress of Attitude, “In The 80’s” by Devo Spice and “Zombie Girl” by Dino-Mike.

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