Andy and Justin are pinch hitting for Adam and Christina this week. Justin shares the misery of sciatic trouble and a blood clot. While he isn’t allowed vegetables for the near future, he’s enjoying Red’s Strawberry Ale. Andy is next to Justin on the bench after having his shoulder taken out. His son is now going to the same school Andy teaches at, and that in itself is an adventure. He tells of photobombing people at Dragon Con.Glenn is watching lots of tv, reading Destroyer novels and writing. Brad is still on the job hunt. He’s playing a lot of handheld games.

TV and DVD talk begins with Andy. He might not have been watching much, but his wife is mainlining Fringe. Glenn brings up Sleepy Hollow and they discuss the structure of the episode grouping. They talk about the American history versus literary history, the actors and the anachronism of the show. Everyone’s excited that John Noble will be on soon. The boys touch on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and what they hope for in the future. Justin theorizes about the Marvel tv episodes. Brad talks about Beauty and The Beast, although he isn’t wildly impressed. Justin is binging on Arrow and is enjoying it. Brad and Glenn talk about The Originals and how it integrates with Vampire Diaries. Justin is freaked out by James Spader in The Black List.

Andy shares Geek Cuisine in the form of the classic Brach’s Autumn Mix. Brad ups the ante of candy corn with Starburst Candy Corn. Glenn shares the story of getting samples of Carmel, Carmel Apple and S’Mores candy corn.

Music this week includes Piratz Tavern by Devo Spice and Run This Game by Insane Ian.

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