Back in front of the tv, Brad and Glenn enjoy all the Lost alumni on Hawaii Five-O. Glenn hasn’t started watching American Horror Story, and Brad’s not as impressed. Once Upon A Time In Wonderland might not live up to its sibling, but various aspects are appealing. Justin would have enjoyed Kelsey Grammar as the White Rabbit, but is enjoying it on the whole. Glenn is watching Face Off. Grimm is coming back. Andy mentions Toy Story of Terror. Walking Dead has taken a turn and nobody is safe. Brad brings up the idea of the spinoff. Revolution is back, and Glenn is falling behind with so much tv. Everyone’s glad Haven is back. Doctor Who’s Anniversary is coming and the gang is excited that it will be showing at the movies in 3D. Glenn is just about caught up, and just in time! Justin picks up the mantle of documentaries, since Christina isn’t there. He’s watched Brooklyn Castle. The Tomorrow People is out, but Glenn hasn’t watched it yet.

Glenn provides Geek Cuisine this week with Bloody Bites, glow in the dark plastic fangs with gooey watermelon blood bags.

In final thoughts, Justin takes a leaf from Adam’s book and wishes everyone to have an adventure off the couch. Andy’s final thoughts hilariously mirror Christina’s. Glenn wants us all to become avid readers.He’s taken some days off in preparation for the Playstation 4. The boys devolve into White Castle stupors and touch on the best streets to live on for Halloween. They plan another game night. They come back to talk about how the next episode is the big 400!

Music includes Insane Ian’s “Joss Give Me A Reason” and “What Time Is It?(Adventure Time)” by Nuclear Bubblewrap.

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By Brad

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