Christina opens with one of her favorite things being the bravery that came with the podcast, allowing to her to go to conventions. Glenn shares that he loves being able to share with others the things that he loves. Adam lists of his first lightning trip to Dragon Con. He mentions Jones Soda, for better or worse. Cristalle talks about enjoying odd Geek Cuisines and being introduced to new tv and movies. Brad loves the sense of community and the viral spreading of crazy things like RoboVampire. Brad sends his props to the WhatTheCast podcast as they get ready to wrap up..

The feedback question was asked on the Facebook site, wondering what listeners remember best from the last 400 episodes. Mike mentions the Koala Fridge. Andy lists Jones Soda, bad movie quotes and the indomitable RoboVampire. Billy suggests geek rants and the inclusion of bits of The GeekSpin.

Christina imports hazelnut spread on Fritos as Geek Cuisine, stolen from her sister in Cleveland. While Christina loves it, the rest of the gang is “meh”. Cristalle suggests Nutella on pickles. Brad shares his Huber’s Apple Cider with Fireball.

Andy and Justin are back for Glenn’s Guilty Pleasures when Glenn shows his gem of “Attack From Beneath”, the uninspired knock off of Pacific Rim. The guys talk about the plethora of pitiful moments and implausible plots.

Pepperidge Farm Carmel Apple Pie and Pumpkin Cheesecake cookies are the lovely second addition to Geek Cuisine this episode! Thumbs up all around!

Stay tuned for bloopers, including mishaps from Candy Day, Cristalle’s comment and the open that never was.

Music this week includes, “Arkham Asylum” by Insane Ian, “Too Fat To Troop” by Mikey Mason and “Rocket Jumper” by Bonecage.

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