Detailed shownotes up soon! Glenn, Brad, and Christina open Part B with a bit of game chatter, and note that Adam and Cristalle will be joining them later in the show.

Geek Cuisine features the return of a favorite from years ago…Jones Soda! The gang chugs down four Halloween themed flavors: Blood Orange, Caramel Apple, Red Liquorice, and Candy Corn! Some good, and some…not so much. Brad takes a cue from Andy and mixes all four together and tries them, with surprising results. Not leaving well enough alone he also tries all four mixed with a shot of the podcast’s infamous Fireball Whiskey and that experiment either ends ugly, or funny depending on your view!

Adam and Cristalle hop back into the mix just in time for Guilty Pleasures. This time around Glenn tortures the cheese that is Lifeforce. Sometimes even a hot naked chick and Captain Picard can redeem a movie.

Then the crew shifts to a little TV and DVD Talk discussing some (but not all) of the stuff that they have been watching.

Musical guests on the show are: Luke Ski with Keanu Man, Marc Gunn with What Shall We Do With a Catnipped Kitty, and Marian Call with I’ll Still Be a Geek.

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By Brad

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